Consumer Protection: A Role for Blockchain

blockchain and credit
Jan 9 2017

Credit scores. Damned if you don’t have a solid figure, and, it turns out, damned even if it’s well into the green, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

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Olympic Marketing: Rule 40’s Herculean Undertaking

Courtesy of
Aug 2 2016

While I shoveled nostalgic coal into the roaring engine of my Olympic hype train this weekend, something caught my eye. I expected predictions of the impending contests, but I didn’t anticipate such a hotly contested gauntlet in marketing at the Olympics.

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News Cycle or Cycling News?

News Cycle or Cycling News
Apr 27 2016

My daily train commute is simply structured, and frequently repeated. Email, Twitter, news digests.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

What’s becoming as equally repetitive, however, is the “news” flung over a newswire. Partnerships – Products – New clients (bonus points if someone can complete the alliteration to @paragonpatrick).

The news that HBO’s Silicon Valley, a brilliant show by the way, has been planting fake news stories in Google search results highlighted this realization.

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Party like it’s 2000 (even if you’re not a Mets fan)

Party like its 2000
Oct 23 2015

I’ll begin by assuring those who have known me for a long time that I haven’t abandoned the Phillies’ Phaithful for the Mets’ bandwagon. While I’m not a fan of the Mets, I have an appreciation for history. So let’s quickly rewind the clock to 2000 – the last time The Amazins were in the World Series – and look at how far we’ve come since.

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Challenge the conventional

conventional, challenge, wisdom
Jun 17 2015

“Conventional wisdom” is a roadblock for substantial progress.

A college professor once said that the most important thing we could learn was to question everything, respectfully.

Surely this is a familiar sentiment among college students with any philosophy, journalism or history classes, but often the “respectfully” modifier is lost in practice – especially around holiday dinner tables.

In the time since that class, I’ve grown increasingly fond of “why?”

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5 Benefits of unleashing “stupid questions”

benefits of stupid questions
Mar 27 2015

It’s often the first utterance after introductions in a sales dialogue.

“How can I help you?”

There’s no fear in the first question. No internal doubts about undermining the sacred first impression.

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Hyperbole: The Most Dangerous Concept Ever

Jan 30 2015

Apologies for haphazardly striking a precarious spark with my title, but I desired one final flicker of hyperbole before I jettison it to an island of deplorable linguistic facets like the “Oxford comma” and the majority of portmanteau. This last week has taken my distaste for exaggerated news, and pushed it to a fever pitch.

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Think benefits, not features

Benefits, Gifts
Dec 19 2014

While most of us have already wrapped up our holiday shopping – save for a few final items – we can still take away more from the process than just gratitude from our gift recipients. A GE Capital Retail Bank’s 2013 survey of consumers who spent US$500 or more on a purchase discovered that 81% researched online before buying in-store.

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” – Zora Neale Hurston.

As a part of this overwhelming majority, I’m encouraged by this exhibition of modern consumers’ savvy. But I’m not so sure consumers’ research is fulfilling its purpose of guiding buyers to the best purchase.

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Social Media: Keeping up with the “Times?”

Oct 1 2014

Apparently there isn’t a lot of news that’s fit to Tweet.

Once again, Buzzfeed has taken the opportunity to slight The New York Times’ lack of social media acumen and fervor to join Twitter. While I don’t think defining your importance by Twitter followers is a worthwhile exercise, Buzzfeed does reveal a chasm between Times’ personnel and social media.

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Five things my sister’s wedding taught me about business

Aug 8 2014

Image courtesy of the Newlyweds, and their hilarious dog Dexter.

This past weekend I spent hours in front of cameras, friends and most importantly, family. As my face has spent the week recovering from nearly three hours of grinning for photographs, my mind has scrambled to quell the (strictly metaphorical) wedding hangover and return to the business world.

During the transition out of a tuxedo and into my refreshingly comfortable business attire, I realized that I learned five business lessons from the big day.

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