The “Final Four” Tips for Business PR

Apr 8 2019

Whether you’re a lifelong college basketball fan or just looking to test your luck with some friendly office competition, March Madness is an exciting change-up to your daily routine. We’ve seen some unexpected upsets this year heading into the ‘Final Four,’ and I can’t help but think about how each team’s journey to reach this point reflects startups rise to the top within their industries.

While we’re in the spirit of the game, here’s a look at how PR can help businesses go from an unknown to a thriving team to reckon with in the media. Read more…

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A Perfect Pitch: Music to My Ears

Jul 30 2018

Everyone has that one song they can’t skip. The type of track that you can play on repeat and never get sick of listening to. As a hip-hop enthusiast, I have quite a few, but each one has something timeless that keeps me invested. Pitching clients to reporters is a bit like writing a song. Think about the four components of a hip-hop song: an intro, a hook, verses, and a beat.

Here’s how the basic structure of a song can make for a perfect pitch:

Read more…

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A PR Approach to Storytelling

PR Storytelling
Oct 26 2017

There’s nothing like holding a brand new book.

Opening to the first page, greeted by the fresh paper scent; I escape into a new world as I flip through the pages of another’s mind. Growing up an introvert, stories were my favorite companion. Today, as I journey further into adulthood, I still find myself attracted to stories, whether it’s a book, an interesting feature article or people sharing their experiences. Hence why I love my job as a public relations professional. I get to experience and share my clients’ stories on a daily basis, and there’s no greater thrill.

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