A real-world content marketing case study: Our own

Content Marketing
Jun 8 2017

The pitfalls of a content gap

It’s never easy admitting your own misses but here goes: we here at Paragon got off track with our content marketing. If you are one of our clients, then you have heard us emphasize time and again the power of content – as well as the level of commitment it takes. Producing and regularly delivering relevant content feeds your communications, marketing and media efforts. When done well, this makes them more effective and allows you to connect with and engage your audience.

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The Changing Brand of the White House

White House Brand
Jan 19 2017

You might not have ever thought about the White House as a “brand.” But it is. It represents an important institution in American government, it is recognizable both as a place and more importantly as an entity, and it aims to meet the needs of its audience. Coming out of a divisive election year and with the inauguration upon us, the White House brand is changing, perhaps more extremely than at any other time in history.

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Your brand screwed up. Now what?

Manage brand crisis
Oct 20 2016

At some point in your career, you will likely face the challenge of overcoming a negative situation for your company and a brand crisis. If you are lucky, this will be a relatively minor issue, one that you are able to overcome with limited long-term impact on your brand. But if you are a company like Yahoo or Wells Fargo, you could face a PR crisis on which rests much of your brand’s image and reputation.

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Building your brand in uncharted territory

Brand Risks and Rewards
Sep 13 2016

Launching or expanding your brand in uncharted territory is an exciting endeavor that can reap great rewards over the long term. But it is important to confront the potential risks for your brand, whether you are entering a new industry, expanding geographically or targeting a new customer segment. Take blockchain as an example.

Blockchain is a relatively new industry – at least its intersection with traditional financial markets is – but it’s growing at a rapid pace. Countless companies, from long established global firms to early start-ups, are aiming to establish their own footholds and grow right along with this industry.

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It’s time for your mid-year marketing check-up

marketing check-up
Jul 26 2016

I’d rather not say that July is winding down, but summer once again seems to be flying by! As we all try to make the most of our remaining summer plans, believe me when I say that autumn will be here before we know it. So, in between weekend trips to the beach or shaving a few strokes off your golf handicap, now is the perfect time for your mid-year branding and marketing check-up. Read more…

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Good Grammar: Does It Even Matter Anymore?

Good Grammar
Jun 21 2016

The more I read the news these days, the more I notice that articles are full of errors. I am not referring to the actual reporting or fact-checking, although that is an extremely important topic, but to errors of grammar. Misspellings. Incorrect punctuation. Words in the wrong place or misused altogether. (Yes, I acknowledge that I just used incomplete sentences rather than serial commas.)

Are these concerns about grammar just one of my own pet peeves while other readers find it forgivable (or worse, in my opinion, even acceptable)? Does anyone else assign trust and quality to a news article in proportion to its grammatical correctness?

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Score! It’s Conference Season.

Conference Season
May 10 2016

It’s May. Time for baseball, hockey (still), spring allergies, college graduations…and conferences and tradeshows! May and June, along with September and October in the fall, are peak months for conferences. The calendar is jam-packed with events across many industries, including financial services. With likely hundreds of options for your industry, how do you know which ones to target? Which ones will get the best bang for your buck? Read more…

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Your Brand: Should You Dare to Compare?

Comparing Brands
Apr 7 2016

I was recently watching a kid-friendly TV show with my family. One of those typical commercials came on comparing diaper brands in a side-by-side demonstration, using that curious blue liquid that is simultaneously poured out of two glass beakers. How much will each absorb…how quickly…? My daughter turned to me and said, “You know, I really hate those commercials.”

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Make your brand stand out from the crowd. (Even in the blockchain.)

Brand stand out from the crowd, blockchain
Mar 3 2016

Whether you are a well-established business or an up-and-coming startup, one of your most valuable assets is your brand. Hopefully that is not news to you. (If it is, contact me immediately!) But let’s pause to really think about that simple statement for a moment:

  • Does your brand stand out?
  • Does your market truly understand it?
  • Are you continually developing your brand?

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