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How to make a racquet!

Jul 17 2019

On the surface, little has changed at Wimbledon since Fred Perry first strolled on to the manicured lawns, but behind the scenes, it’s rebooting its image.

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Brand activism – is it the future?

Nov 27 2018

How political should a company or brand be in today’s post-truth world? After backing American footballer Colin Kaepernick, who famously knelt during the national anthem before a game as a protest against racial injustice, Nike has no doubt. “Believe in something,” demands the latest version of its long-running ‘Just Do It’ campaign. “Even if it means sacrificing everything.” Read more…

The Ryder Cup – a sporting and marketing phenomenon

Sep 27 2018

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The four annual golf majors are fantastic sporting occasions but the Ryder Cup, which takes place at Le Golf National in France this weekend, is bigger and better, attracting millions of golf fans, sports fans and even non-fans. The three-day event dominates the headlines – both news and sports – and sends social media into a frenzy of sharing. For a competition that was once only supported by a few die-hards, it is a remarkable renaissance. What lessons can we learn from the success of this iconic contest?

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Be heard – opinions matter

Aug 20 2018

Corporate communications can be risk-averse and consequently unchallenging, but the objective should often be the opposite – to engage your audience by being thought-provoking and inspirational. Risky, even. By injecting your writing with honest views, spiced with character – and a well-pitched level of controversy – you can engage your readers at a much more fundamental level.

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5 top tips for writing blog lists – or listicles!

Jul 26 2018

The internet is packed with lists of bite-sized chunks of information that are simplistic clickbait designed to boost traffic, but a well-designed list of great content is a fantastic way to communicate.

From the Ten Commandments to Buzzfeed’s mind-boggling list frenzy, human history is filled with lists that have a fantastic capacity to grab and then focus our attention. Humans, it seems, are hard-wired to engage with lists and that means they are an excellent content marketing tool.

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The art, science and risk of Super Bowl advertising

Feb 2 2018

The Super Bowl is a glitzy sports and entertainment phenomenon that guarantees a viewership of 100 million in the United States alone. This year’s show at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota – a heady mix of American football and Justin Timberlake, the half-time entertainment – will dwarf other media highlights of the year. Even the Oscars with its red-carpet celebrity and Hollywood glamour only attracts 30 million. Read more…

The Super Bowl of Advertising: Playing to Win

superbowl commercials
Feb 9 2017

This past Sunday was the Super Bowl, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. This is an exciting time not only for football fans, but also advertisers. With Super Bowl LI reaching a whooping 111.3 million viewers, the price tag for a 30-second commercial on Fox was $5.02 million dollars. Here are some of my favorite commercials that aired this year.

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Olympic Marketing: Rule 40’s Herculean Undertaking

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Aug 2 2016

While I shoveled nostalgic coal into the roaring engine of my Olympic hype train this weekend, something caught my eye. I expected predictions of the impending contests, but I didn’t anticipate such a hotly contested gauntlet in marketing at the Olympics.

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The Branding Genius of Pokemon Go

Branding Pokemon Go
Jul 19 2016

Pokemon Go, a free mobile gaming app that uses augmented reality to allow users to catch, train and battle Pokemon in the ‘real world’, is the newest app to take the world by storm. It has been an unprecedented success for the Nintendo brand, which has been struggling to compete in today’s mobile gaming market. While Pokemon Go is gaining popularity and increasing Nintendo’s stock price, it is also causing controversy due to the dangerous situations players are facing.  

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Neutrality: The PR Catch-22

Jun 2 2016

Generally speaking, most people seek to avoid conflict. It’s often unpleasant, time-consuming and undermines our universal desire to be liked. The major con about neutrality, however, is the same as its major benefit: the unlikelihood of provoking a reaction.

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