5 Reasons to get podcasting – we’re all ears!

To achieve ultimate success in business, it’s important to not only walk the walk but also talk the talk. A lot of hot air is spoken about the importance of new digital marketing channels, but one great way to communicate with target audiences is to put your money where your mouth is… and develop a podcast.

Podcasts have been around for a while but have recently seen rapid growth in popularity. This medium is an efficient way to deliver easily consumable information, available to download automatically and listen at your leisure on smartphones, in cars and through other devices. With podcasts, your dreary morning commute becomes a fantastic opportunity to learn and keep updated. That coffee break is a productive time to catch something new. Walking the dog becomes overtime!

As such, it is no surprise that more than one-third (39%) of small business owners listen to podcasts, according to a survey by research firm Bredin, with 65% tuning in weekly. The larger the company size, the survey revealed, the higher the audience: 70-72% of business owners who have 100-500 employees are connecting with podcasts.

Podcasts may be easy to listen to, but that doesn’t mean they are easy to make. Like any good broadcast or presentation, they demand planning, high-quality content and professional production. With creative thinking and performance, however, complex and even mundane topics can be transformed into a must-listen package.

We love great blogs, but we also love podcasts because they help you to create:

A personality

The world of business can be very impersonal but customers are increasingly seeking the opposite – a sense that the products and services they spend their money on have an authentic and almost caring view of the world. A podcast is an excellent way to achieve this. You will be talking authoritatively about issues that interest you, underlining your expertise and your angle or approach. Relevant personal anecdotes – you are trying to tell an interesting story, after all – will also entertain and prove you know and understand the subject matter.

A voice

Secondly, by using your own voice rather than plain text in a blog, a podcast delivers on a more human level. You can communicate complex emotions, from enthusiasm and commitment to concern and sincerity. You can also put across more subtle elements of language such as wit and irony. In short, a podcast allows you to be yourself, be authentic, and create a real and lasting connection with listeners. The voice breathes life into your content.

A story

A long tract of text can be daunting and readers often fail to read to the end. Or they skim parts. Or fail to take in key issues. Podcasts are perfect for keeping your audience’s attention because you not only control the information and structure, but also the pace and tone. The art is to tell a good story – something that is interesting and relevant to the listener. Add good jokes. Surprises. A note of controversy, perhaps? By including more than one voice, they also become a conversation, which is one of the most natural ways we receive information about the world around us. Different voices can even help us to visualize what a person is saying.

A reach

You may be brilliant at one-on-one meetings and excellent at explaining the value you can bring to a client or prospect. But time is short. And meetings are time-consuming. However, a podcast allows you to communicate very efficiently in a similar way. Listeners will quickly get an insight into your skills and the value you offer. When those meetings do eventually happen, a level of trust has already been established. A business relationship is far easier to develop once your credibility is confirmed.

A social media effect

Ensure that your podcasts are entertaining, informative and goal-oriented – whether you’re promoting an important event or simply spreading awareness. Then sit back and enjoy the ride. Good podcasts get liked and shared on social media, which promotes your position as an expert in your industry. Your voice will become synonymous with your area of business operation. In turn, those in the sector will look to you for advice, opinions and thoughts. It’s a wonderful multiplier effect.

At Paragon we enjoy the challenge of telling corporate stories in a fresh and compelling way – and that includes producing bespoke podcasts, both series and one-offs. If you would like to talk to us, we would love to help you. Why not contact our team?

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