PR From Anywhere: How Public Relations Pivoted Amid The Pandemic

PR from anywhere
Apr 6 2021

When the Covid-19 pandemic began its spiral in the U.S. last spring, I had yet to work a full two months for Paragon. The shift to full-time remote work for me, as it was for many, was a scary, intangible experience that at first promised to be fleeting and forgiving. After spending around six uninterrupted weeks under the same roof and immersing myself in a brand new daily routine, the realization slowly sunk in that “work from home life” might actually be here to stay.   Read more…

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Job Search During a Pandemic: Advice for the Class of 2021

Job Search Blog
Mar 9 2021

With the one year anniversary of the COVID-19-induced global lockdown approaching, now is a good time to reflect on where we all were last year. For me, a member of the Class of 2020, I was a senior in college, midway through my final semester, preparing for my first real job search.

Nothing could have prepared me for the job market I was about to enter. Read more…

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If you’re a recent graduate, here’s some free advice…

Dec 1 2020

I’m not a professional recruiter or careers adviser, but here is some free advice for graduates looking to enter the workforce when applying for jobs:

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Will your firm encourage gender equality after March?

Mar 27 2019

As women’s history month winds down in the US, UK, Australia and elsewhere around the world, it’s a good time to reflect on the diversity efforts in your organization. Many companies will take advantage of the broader, even popular, recognition of the month to put in place activities, events, presentations and communications to highlight the accomplishments of women in their organization. Many take it a step further and host programs for girls, encouraging the next generation to dream as big as they wish and find early professional support. Read more…

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Full-time work and grad school: It’s possible!

Feb 11 2019

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

If you’re fortunate enough to work for an employer that genuinely encourages your professional and academic growth – take advantage of it! The business world is constantly evolving as new technologies and industries disrupt the workforce. In order to survive and thrive professionally, it’s vital to continue learning and expanding your capabilities. Taking classes to learn a new skill, obtain a certificate, or even earn a higher degree will make you more valuable to your employer and clients. According to a research study by the U.S. Department of Education, two-thirds of job openings will require postsecondary education or training by 2020.

With encouragement and support from the entire Paragon team, I recently began a 24-month MBA program at Montclair State University. As the new semester begins, I would like to share some tips to successfully balance graduate school and working full-time. Read more…

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I’ll drink to that!

Jul 24 2018

Last autumn, my wife, Colleen, and I invested in our local pub – along with 50+ other villagers. We lay claim to being the smallest community in the UK (160+ people) to own its own inn. After months of hard work by all, we recently got the good news that we’ve found the perfect tenants to run it. In early September, the newly named “The Winterbourne,” will open in the peaceful countryside of Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire with great real ales and a top-quality restaurant. So what are the lessons to be learned here?

I’d like to corrupt three cliches to answer that.

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The spirit or the letter of the law? [for those who enjoy rugby]

Dylan Hartley (C) discusses Italy's tactics with referee Romain Poite on Sunday CREDIT: REUTERS
Mar 2 2017

Have you ever sent an email to your boss that contained words like, “If I don’t hear back by 3pm, I will assume it is approved”? If you have done – or worse, if you continue to do so – I would strongly advise against this tactic. While you may think this type of approach covers your back, all it does it rile up your manager, as you are forcing your timeline on them. More experienced staff aren’t likely to do this. They’ve probably been burnt before. Like me.

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In-house vs Agency – The Great Debate

Agency vs In house
Jan 26 2017

The transition from an in-house marketing team to an agency environment has been an interesting one. Well, perhaps revealing might be a better way of putting it. At about three months in, the differences have become evident and quite a bit more substantial than I had given them credit.

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Career lessons from a dead cat

Career lessons from a cat
Jan 24 2017

Finding the neighbour’s cat by the back fence at 10 o’clock last night, surrounded by our three dogs, wasn’t the ideal way to end a long day’s work. Especially since the cat was dead. (And no, the dogs did not cause the demise; they only discovered it.) But it made me think – while most of our lives aren’t as fleeting as a feline’s, there is as much need to capture the best of our time at work as we should with our friends and families. Sure, “life is short,” but your career is even shorter. Seize the moment.

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8 Internship Lessons, As told by The Office

Internship Lessons
Jul 7 2016

As my first month of being a Paragon intern comes to a close, I feel as if I have already learned so much. There is a lot more that goes on in the day-to-day public relations world than I had thought and I can’t help but relate my experience to one of my favorite TV shows, ‘The Office.’

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