PR From Anywhere: How Public Relations Pivoted Amid The Pandemic

When the Covid-19 pandemic began its spiral in the U.S. last spring, I had yet to work a full two months for Paragon. The shift to full-time remote work for me, as it was for many, was a scary, intangible experience that at first promised to be fleeting and forgiving. After spending around six uninterrupted weeks under the same roof and immersing myself in a brand new daily routine, the realization slowly sunk in that “work from home life” might actually be here to stay.  

As the newbie on the team, I was unnerved at the idea of getting to know co-workers and journalists via video chat, however, the public relations (PR) pivot to remote work has been nothing short of exceptional (but not without a few bumps in the road). 

The pandemic, though it has taken so much from so many, amplified our adaptability and proved to communication professionals that PR from anywhere is a reality that can be easily embraced when done right.

Paragon’s Pivot

A few things that have made my remote work experience a success: daily morning check-ins with managers and executives, weekly collaborative meetings to brainstorm and strategize with our PR team and regular communication with fellow team members. 

Keeping lines of communication open and engaged during the workday is critical to achieving client success in a remote work environment, and at Paragon we’ve found the right rhythm to keep conversation flowing and productive all hours of the day.

I’ve also found it’s important to keep communication wide open with clients, journalists, vendors and all involved in day-to-day business. It doesn’t take a village to be successful in PR, but it does take a strong voice and a supportive team ready to work together.  

Personal Pivots

Adopting the role as a “PR professional from anywhere” is only possible with a healthy and stable work environment. Once work from home became a long-term reality, I started paying attention to the locations in my home where I felt most productive, the timeframes where I completed the most work and moments where I needed to recharge and take a step back.

I realize now more than ever that working from home is a balance – a genuine give and take – of consistent drive and determination to achieve results and an overarching spotlight on our own self-awareness. Work-life balance shouldn’t be considered an “achievement” but an ongoing practice that requires both vigilance and grace.

Remote work allows us as PR professionals to linger on our laptops from 8 a.m. until the sun sets (and beyond that, most days) which can be a pitfall for both our mental and physical well-being. Knowing when to pull back from a non-stop workflow and embrace our newfound flexibility to step away, go for a walk or do something completely different is an opportunity no one should pass up. 

PR From Anywhere

Cloud-based technologies, a “can-do” attitude and a team of creative collaborators is the perfect recipe for work from home success. When starting at Paragon late last January, I never imagined I would still be waiting to meet some colleagues and clients in person over one year later, but we’re in the business of making things work and virtual meetings are officially a standard practice.

While work from home might not be a mainstay for Paragon, these past 13 months have proven that a business does not need an office building to stay successful, and with a strong and motivated group of individuals, momentum will never be lost. 

Companies face a growing need for new PR strategies every day, and we’re on the frontlines of making a change in the fintech industry – from anywhere, any time. Interested in learning more about the work we’re doing here at Paragon? Be sure to contact us or follow along on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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