The “Final Four” Tips for Business PR

Apr 8 2019

Whether you’re a lifelong college basketball fan or just looking to test your luck with some friendly office competition, March Madness is an exciting change-up to your daily routine. We’ve seen some unexpected upsets this year heading into the ‘Final Four,’ and I can’t help but think about how each team’s journey to reach this point reflects startups rise to the top within their industries.

While we’re in the spirit of the game, here’s a look at how PR can help businesses go from an unknown to a thriving team to reckon with in the media. Read more…

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Paragon’s Fall Social – The Australian

Nov 17 2017

We would like to thank all of our friends and colleagues for joining us last night for our Fall Social at the Australian. Between the great people, delicious food and easy conversation, the night was truly a success.

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Paragon appoints Guy Taylor to head Global PR

Oct 12 2017

New York and London, Thursday, Oct. 12 – Paragon Public Relations (“Paragon”), an award-winning full-service communications firm, has appointed Guy Taylor as Global Director of Public Relations. In his new role, Guy will be responsible for client relationship management, PR strategy and execution, and new business development.

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London called! Paragon goes to the UK

Feb 8 2017

With many of our clients located in London or doing business in the UK, Paragon has opened an office in London. We’re excited to be in town and located in the financial and fintech center. Watch the video below as Paragon’s CEO Simon Hylson-Smith provides insight on our UK expansion.

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Value your Ideas
Oct 27 2016

When I started at Paragon two and a half years ago, I felt – to put it mildly – out of my element. I’d never worked in public relations before and what I knew about finance was almost exclusively sourced from a high school AP Econ class.

While I still have the occasional, invigorating moment of panic and self-doubt, I’ve come a long way since those early days. As I’ve nurtured confidence in my work, I’ve come to understand that this sense of self-assurance is one of the most vital skills that a young professional can develop.

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How to make a PR professional uncomfortable

PR professional
Oct 13 2016

Are facts merely pieces of information, to be played like chess pieces, when we feel they are to our advantage? Or should the truth be our moral compass, guiding our moves, regardless of the consequences? In public relations, it’s often much easier to talk about the truth than tell it.
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Paragon Named One of the Top PR Agencies

Top PR Agency New York
May 5 2016


Agency captures Stevie Award recognition for the second consecutive year

Hoboken, NJ – May 5, 2016 – Paragon Public Relations, a full-service boutique communications firm, is awarded “Public Relations Agency of the Year” for the 2016 Bronze Stevie® Award in The 14th Annual American Business Awards.

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7 Great Moments All PR Professionals Experience

7 moments PR professionals experience
Apr 1 2016

Every job has its ups and downs, but these seven moments are guaranteed to put a smile on any PR professional’s face.

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First Impressions Last the Longest: The Final Installment in the Client Service Series

First Impressions Client Services
Mar 11 2016

In this final part of my blog series on client service, let’s talk about loyalty. Everyone knows that loyalty is the ultimate driver of long-term success for any enterprise, and this is particularly true for those selling intangibles – like banks, software companies and advisory firms. Loyalty is a critical metric for any business, measuring not only how committed a customer is to your business, product or brand, but also indicating the potential lifetime value of that customer and the likelihood of her or him bringing more customers to you.

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A new website for a new era

New Era, Paragon Website, PR, New York
Jan 19 2016

Websites are more than shop windows. They are not simple content repositories; they are the embodiment of the soul of a business. Like scruffy shoes or unkempt hair, these first impressions are vital. That’s why we took a long, hard look at ourselves and decided that it was time for a makeover.

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