7 Great Moments All PR Professionals Experience

Every job has its ups and downs, but these seven moments are guaranteed to put a smile on any PR professional’s face.

1) Page One Pride

You stroll into the office to find that a great client placement has just been published. It’s a win so big that you smile all day, even when fighting with Powerpoint an hour later. Better yet if it’s being republished by other outlets and the good news stretches on.

2) Scoring on Social Media


When you check your client’s account, you’re surprised to see an engagement or follow from an influential industry player, or a long train of discussion on a theme you’ve pushed out. While securing media coverage is often priority, finding ways to resonate and spur on broader industry discussion confers a level of authority that should not be underestimated.

3) Byline Brilliance

Writing great material is rarely easy. On those divine occasions in which the words flow like water, you are reminded that you can take on any content challenge.

4) Showcasing Your Inner Don Draper

The chance to truly get creative with PR initiatives is often a blessing for all parties. The PR team is invigorated and the client is sold – all that’s left to do is execute.

5) Working with Other Great Professionals

We’re all trying to get something done. Working with other great professionals, whether they be clients, vendors, event organizers or journalists, is always incredibly satisfying, especially when it expedites the task at hand. 

6) Team On Fleek

Some days everything clicks and you’re happier for your coworker’s success than you are for your own. No matter the industry, working with great people makes the day go by quickly and leaves you feeling more engaged.

7) Winning the Resource Rush

You need a journalist’s email stat, but is there a seat in the database? Yes, there is. You’re welcome, whisper the omnipotent PR overlords. (More about them in the next post.)

What great moments do you enjoy at work? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to read more free-flowing content from the Paragon team on our Insights blog.

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