It’s time to think again!

Oct 22 2018

The next time someone tells me they are “thinking outside the box”, it may be more than I can do to stop myself from screaming. It’s (oxy)moronic, as are so many phrases that are intended to convey creative thinking. Most of the time, I would put “thought leadership” in this category. A good example of this was a fintech firm (I will spare them their blushes), which posted a sponsored article last week about their office expansion in Asia Pacific and then claimed it to be a “thought leadership” piece. Say no more. Read more…

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What a 96-year Old Taught Us About Communication

Sep 20 2018

Denis Norden, left, and Frank Muir in their office in the 1950s writing scripts for the radio show Take It from Here. Photograph: Popperfoto/Getty Images

Denis Norden, who died on September 19, 2018, was one of the UK’s most beloved comedic writers and broadcasters. He also lived a long and happy life that encompassed the ‘golden years’ of British broadcasting. One of his great skills was his ability to connect with his audience, which is where we can all start to pay attention.

Many efforts at communication today rely on sending out large amounts of information and hoping some of it will stick. Far less time is spent trying to actually engage – or empathise with – the audience. Most PR agencies will be guilty of this at one time or another, usually under the guise of ‘thought leadership’, a label that many reporters despise.

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Specialist PR firms make more sense

Sep 20 2018

If you’re thinking about hiring a public relations agency, choose carefully. Hiring a global firm with thousands of employees can be enticing, but know what you’ll be paying for. With a specialist PR agency, your money primarily goes towards the talent that supports you; not on a legacy operating model.

Specialist PR firms are ideally suited to this modern world of communications. Here are a few reasons why.

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I’ll drink to that!

Jul 24 2018

Last autumn, my wife, Colleen, and I invested in our local pub – along with 50+ other villagers. We lay claim to being the smallest community in the UK (160+ people) to own its own inn. After months of hard work by all, we recently got the good news that we’ve found the perfect tenants to run it. In early September, the newly named “The Winterbourne,” will open in the peaceful countryside of Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire with great real ales and a top-quality restaurant. So what are the lessons to be learned here?

I’d like to corrupt three cliches to answer that.

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Walking Far, Supporting Charity and Learning Lessons

Aug 3 2017

A few weeks ago, I completed a lengthy charity walk over the headlands of England’s ancient Jurassic Coast. It was a fantastic day that will raise well over half a million pounds for MacMillan Cancer. The eleven or so hours hiking also taught me several lessons that can be applied to our everyday lives, and business.

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The spirit or the letter of the law? [for those who enjoy rugby]

Dylan Hartley (C) discusses Italy's tactics with referee Romain Poite on Sunday CREDIT: REUTERS
Mar 2 2017

Have you ever sent an email to your boss that contained words like, “If I don’t hear back by 3pm, I will assume it is approved”? If you have done – or worse, if you continue to do so – I would strongly advise against this tactic. While you may think this type of approach covers your back, all it does it rile up your manager, as you are forcing your timeline on them. More experienced staff aren’t likely to do this. They’ve probably been burnt before. Like me.

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London called! Paragon goes to the UK

Feb 8 2017

With many of our clients located in London or doing business in the UK, Paragon has opened an office in London. We’re excited to be in town and located in the financial and fintech center. Watch the video below as Paragon’s CEO Simon Hylson-Smith provides insight on our UK expansion.

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Career lessons from a dead cat

Career lessons from a cat
Jan 24 2017

Finding the neighbour’s cat by the back fence at 10 o’clock last night, surrounded by our three dogs, wasn’t the ideal way to end a long day’s work. Especially since the cat was dead. (And no, the dogs did not cause the demise; they only discovered it.) But it made me think – while most of our lives aren’t as fleeting as a feline’s, there is as much need to capture the best of our time at work as we should with our friends and families. Sure, “life is short,” but your career is even shorter. Seize the moment.

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How to make a PR professional uncomfortable

PR professional
Oct 13 2016

Are facts merely pieces of information, to be played like chess pieces, when we feel they are to our advantage? Or should the truth be our moral compass, guiding our moves, regardless of the consequences? In public relations, it’s often much easier to talk about the truth than tell it.
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5 Business Lessons from an Unexpected Long Walk

5 business lessons
Sep 21 2016

Over the weekend, I set off with our three dogs for a routine walk across the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. It was a largely sunny day, and the fields were lush and welcoming. Apart from a few fields of cattle and sheep, everything looked perfect for our six-mile ramble.

So, why did I arrive home more than five hours later after a 12-mile hike up and down steep hills that left me near my physical limits? And what business lessons can we learn from the simple things in life?

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