How to Stay Creative at Home

Key tips on how to stay creative at home
Apr 7 2020

Learn how to stay creative at home with these key tips:

At first, staying home seemed like a novelty. The lack of commuting felt refreshing until you realized everyone was home, everyday… just…like…you. It’s easy to get caught up in the anxiety but maintaining good habits, taking tech breaks, and moving slightly more than just across the room, will help you survive the quarantine.

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Impact Investing: Going Beyond the Ticker

Jun 26 2018

Impact investing, it’s just what it sounds like, but is it really making an impact?

It takes years to acquire the skills needed to analyze extensive amounts of market data. Investors who wish to invest responsibly can now increasingly take advantage of the hard work and insights of analysts and portfolio managers who are bringing a range of compelling investment products to market.

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4 New Year’s Resolutions to Revamp Your Brand in 2018

Jan 23 2018

We’ve all heard the phrase, “New Year, New Me”. It is a symbol of change and commitment. While individuals partake in lifestyle changes every year, businesses can also benefit from a resolution or two. Changes can be made at any point of the year, but the beginning of a new year is the perfect time for any firm to start doing things differently.

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Paragon’s Fall Social – The Australian

Nov 17 2017

We would like to thank all of our friends and colleagues for joining us last night for our Fall Social at the Australian. Between the great people, delicious food and easy conversation, the night was truly a success.

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Paragon’s EVP named PR News Rising PR Star

Nov 7 2017

Patrick Sutton, Executive Vice President of Paragon Public Relations, has been named a finalist in PR News’ Rising PR Stars 30 and Under. Having been with Paragon since its inception, Patrick has played a crucial role in Paragon’s development.

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Paragon appoints Guy Taylor to head Global PR

Oct 12 2017

New York and London, Thursday, Oct. 12 – Paragon Public Relations (“Paragon”), an award-winning full-service communications firm, has appointed Guy Taylor as Global Director of Public Relations. In his new role, Guy will be responsible for client relationship management, PR strategy and execution, and new business development.

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A Midsummer Website Check-up [INFOGRAPHIC]

Website Audit Checkup
Aug 10 2017

“Are you sure/That we are awake? It seems to me/That yet we sleep, we dream” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 4.1.178-81). Unfortunately, this is not a dream. It is now August and the end of summer is quickly approaching. Around this time last year, we provided tips for a mid-year marketing check-up. This time lets focus on key areas to check-up on within your website and which sources will be beneficial to use.

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Battle of the Bitmojis: Who’s Who?

Jul 19 2017

We need your help! Paragon has been taken over by…Bitmojis! But who’s who? Are these Bitmojis who they say they are? Vote for the the employee that looks the most like their Bitmoji and help us decide who’s real and who’s a con!

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Seeking a New Type of Alpha

A New Alpha
Jul 6 2017

ESG, like blockchain, is a term currently saturating financial press. What originated as a niche investing interest has transitioned into mainstream practice – with dedicated award programs, conferences and even legislation.

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Here’s How to Think Strategically for Big PR Wins

PR Strategy
Jun 21 2017

Public relations isn’t easy – that’s why there are entire agencies, like Paragon, dedicated to the craft. Especially for those new to PR, media relations can feel like an obstacle course, and one whose rewards are anything but instant.

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