Paragon PR Gold Stevie Award
Aug 30 2018

Winners to Be Celebrated at Gala Event on 20 October in London, England

Hoboken, NJ – 30 August 2018 – Paragon Public Relations LLC was named the winner of a Gold Stevie® Award in the Public Relations Agency of the Year in Canada and the U.S.A. category in The 15th Annual International Business Awards®.

The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards program. All individuals and organizations worldwide – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small – are eligible to submit nominations. The 2018 IBAs received entries from 74 nations and territories.

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[Podcast] Fintech and Content

content marketing
Nov 9 2016

Content marketing is relevant in all industries, including fintech. Paragon’s VP of marketing, Melissa Even and digital expert, Chris Lee talk about why fintech companies should take advantage of different types of content marketing, from blogs to social media.

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Measuring your business value beyond marketing tactics

Strategic Thinking
Aug 31 2016

At least once a year (if not per quarter), “the powers that be” will inquire on how your marketing efforts are being measured and whether or not they’re effective. From campaign to campaign, marketers are able to identify just where they are garnering the most traction, click-through rates, impressions, engagements, etc., and taking that even further to how many of these impressions have actually converted to a sale or at least the next stage in nurturing your leads. While this data is impactful and useful, is it really measuring the value these efforts are providing the business overall? In this blog, I will focus on how to communicate to your boss that your marketing efforts are paying off in multiple ways.

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Expand your universe

expand your universe
May 19 2016

It’s time we all step outside our everyday activities and start to think more creatively. All too often, we get absorbed in the daily routine and forget about the possibilities for growth. It’s your world. If you’re content with being in one place for the rest of your life, potentially falling behind those who are more creative, then that is fine. But for those who are looking to think more creatively about their projects, here are a few suggestions.

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Marketing and Sales: Siblings in Nature

Marketing & Sales Collaboration
Mar 31 2016

Working in an agency environment, I’ve been involved in a slew of accounts that need marketing support, particularly to help drive their sales efforts. The ones that have been the most successful are those that see the need for marketing and the imperative coexistence between the Marketing and Sales teams. The reality is that these teams are essentially siblings, where it’s not always easy to get along but when they work together, they are a strong force.

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digital marketing
Jul 16 2015

External perceptions of businesses are built largely on the foundation that your company chooses to cultivate. Your reputation, whether online or word-of-mouth, undoubtedly underpins your success (or failure). When it comes to reputation building, the tactics no longer resemble a childhood game of “telephone.” The digital marketplace is likely more influential than you think, and I’m not just referring to social media.

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Build your brand by paying it forward

Brand building, paying it forward
Jan 9 2015

Professionals in all industries are constantly receiving solicitations for donations. The issue that most face is, as prevalent as they are, it is difficult to choose which one is the most effective and how much of your budget you can actually allocate to your chosen charity(s). The majority of these letters and inquiries are tossed out, and businesses will revisit the idea only when they are forced to.

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Are conference booths memorable or a waste of money?

Oct 24 2014

In the financial industry, there are several marquee conferences that act as the mixing pot for the markets’ top leaders each year. Those looking to network and increase brand awareness either sponsor, attend or speak on a panel at most or all of them. The question is whether or not any of these tactics are actually effective, especially when exhibiting a booth at a non-trade show event.

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Is email marketing old-fashioned or the best-kept secret weapon?

Sep 12 2014

Social media seems to be today’s topic of marketing conversation; after all, it’s where the chatter starts. But according to most studies, email marketing is, in fact, the secret weapon to successfully attracting consumers, prospects and engaging current clients. Your social platforms just help propagate the news.

If you don’t already engage in email marketing with your customers and prospects, now is the time to open up that direct line of communication and increase the probability of conversion to sales. Whether you’re waking up dormant clients from the summer beach season outing, or simply trying to attract a new database, the following guidelines should be carefully considered: Read more…


Maximize your industry event participation

May 9 2014

When all’s said and done, the most important factor in a successful industry event is the value of networking. For most people, everything else is secondary. The quality of panels is important as it helps bring in the attendees but really, that’s a means to an end. The objective of most people is to uncover business opportunities.

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