The Key to Influencer Marketing Success [Podcast]

Influencer Marketing podcast
Nov 29 2016

You will see numerous posts exclaiming 2017 as the year of influencer marketing. That’s rubbish. We’ve always been in the business of influencer marketing; the media is just more fragmented now. Paragon’s Chris Lee explains how to crack influencer marketing.

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[Podcast] Fintech and Content

content marketing
Nov 9 2016

Content marketing is relevant in all industries, including fintech. Paragon’s VP of marketing, Melissa Even and digital expert, Chris Lee talk about why fintech companies should take advantage of different types of content marketing, from blogs to social media.

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Podcast: Corporate Culture in Financial PR

Corporate Culture
Aug 9 2016

Corporate culture is an essential aspect of any organization. In this episode of Reputation Matters, intern-turned-associate Johanna Perez interviews Paragon’s summer interns, Josh and Haley, to learn about their experience.

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Podcast: The Challenges in PR

Podcast: Challenges in PR
Jun 23 2016

The PR industry is rapidly changing and facing new challenges. In the first podcast of our new monthly show, Reputation Matter or #RepuMatters, digital expert Chris Lee interviews Paragon CEO Simon Hylson-Smith to talk more about how public relations is different than it once was.

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