Full-time work and grad school: It’s possible!

Feb 11 2019

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

If you’re fortunate enough to work for an employer that genuinely encourages your professional and academic growth – take advantage of it! The business world is constantly evolving as new technologies and industries disrupt the workforce. In order to survive and thrive professionally, it’s vital to continue learning and expanding your capabilities. Taking classes to learn a new skill, obtain a certificate, or even earn a higher degree will make you more valuable to your employer and clients. According to a research study by the U.S. Department of Education, two-thirds of job openings will require postsecondary education or training by 2020.

With encouragement and support from the entire Paragon team, I recently began a 24-month MBA program at Montclair State University. As the new semester begins, I would like to share some tips to successfully balance graduate school and working full-time. Read more…

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[INFOGRAPHIC] A guide to corporate philanthropy

Aug 7 2018

“Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.” – Plato

The “good action” of philanthropy should be a priority for any company that wants to strengthen their public image, improve employee morale and inspire positive global change. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community and environment in which it operates. Charitable giving is a selfless action, but the personal and professional benefits are undeniable. Read more…

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I’ll drink to that!

Jul 24 2018

Last autumn, my wife, Colleen, and I invested in our local pub – along with 50+ other villagers. We lay claim to being the smallest community in the UK (160+ people) to own its own inn. After months of hard work by all, we recently got the good news that we’ve found the perfect tenants to run it. In early September, the newly named “The Winterbourne,” will open in the peaceful countryside of Winterbourne Bassett, Wiltshire with great real ales and a top-quality restaurant. So what are the lessons to be learned here?

I’d like to corrupt three cliches to answer that.

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Battle of the Bitmojis: Who’s Who?

Jul 19 2017

We need your help! Paragon has been taken over by…Bitmojis! But who’s who? Are these Bitmojis who they say they are? Vote for the the employee that looks the most like their Bitmoji and help us decide who’s real and who’s a con!

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What we can learn from our workplace doppelgangers: as told by recent sitcoms

Seven workplace personalities based on Arrested Development, 30 Rock and The Office
Mar 15 2017

Let’s face it, we all act (at least slightly) different in the workplace than we do outside of it. Our workplace “persona” often has implications for our reputation, work and career path.

Since self-awareness is important for both personal and professional growth, recognizing our personality traits and their associated strengths and weaknesses is a useful exercise in self-reflection.

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3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Fear Feedback

Receiving Feedback
Jan 12 2017

There is nothing to fear but fear itself…among other things. You must excuse my addition to this legendary sentiment, but in reality, fear is an inevitable and tangible part of our lives. We are all afraid of something, whether it be certain spiders (daddy long legs) or certain feelings (pain). While a fear of heights may keep you from accidentally tumbling over a cliff, overcoming our fear of criticism is central to success.

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Corporate Culture: Planning Team Events [INFOGRAPHIC]

team building
Jan 5 2017

Corporate culture has become increasingly important as companies try to attract, retain and encourage employees. After all, happy employees are productive employees and your best ambassadors for your brand. One way to improve your company’s corporate culture is by carving out time to connect outside of the normal routines of the office. Needless to say, team events can vary to suit personalities, encourage collaboration or simply have some fun, ranging from a cooking class to a treasure hunt.

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HOLIDAY POST: The Paragon Babies

Paragon Holiday Post
Dec 20 2016

As the weather outside gets frightful. And the warmth of a fire feels so delightful. While you get to the places you need to go. May it not snow, take the day slow and enjoy our post.

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The Office Worker’s Guide to Beating Workplace Stress

Stress Relief
Aug 25 2016

Work can be stressful. With multiple tasks to accomplish, it’s easy to neglect your physical and mental well-being. This goes beyond respecting your lunch hour – it’s about taking the necessary steps to make work enjoyable and comfortable. With summer about to end and fall quickly approaching, here are a few things to help survive your work day when vacations end and things start to pick up in the fall.

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Office Olympics: What it takes to become a workplace warrior

Office Olympics
Aug 23 2016

Over the past two weeks, I, along with millions of other people around the globe, watched as the world’s top athletes in Rio competed with intensity and vigor to bring back medals to their home countries. While it’s a far-fetched idea that I would have ever qualified in my twenties for Team USA in any sport, I can’t help but think about how the determination of these athletes can continue to inspire us all to embrace the “Olympic Spirit” in our workplaces.

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