Attack of the Bitmojis: Who’s Who? 🏆

Code red! Paragon has been taken over by Bitmojis… again! Can you help us figure out who’s real and who’s a Bit in disguise? Vote for the employee that looks the most like their Bitmoji. May the best Bit win!


Bit Brett

Give Bit-Brett a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach Bit-Brett to fish and… Much like his human counterpart, he longs for time on the water with his Bit-Fam, chasing the species du jour, or simply taking in the setting sun over New York Harbor.


Bit Brian

Real-Brian and Bit-Brian love going on outdoor adventures, but they never want to stop and take pictures. Here is a rare photo of both Brians in the wild.


Bit Hailey

With Paragon being fully remote for the time being, you can typically find both real-life Haley and Bit-Haley working hard from their WFH station. Given that she lives in Manhattan, her space is a lot smaller than most people are used to, but it gets the job done! 🙂


Cheers! Both Bit-Kailey and real-Kailey are always down for a glass of wine or a trip to the vineyard. Send her your recommendations for your favorite bottle of white or must-see winery (bonus points if they have live music!).


Bit Kelly

Real-Kelly and Bit-Kelly are huge football fans. Here’s a not-so-subtle reminder in case you forgot who won Paragon’s Fantasy Football league tournament earlier this year!

Matt A

Bit Matt A

Bit-Matt has done some globe-trotting in his time but is enjoying being firmly rooted in London. His dogs now have to put up with him 24/7 and he’s in growing danger of being swallowed up by the dense jungle of his partner’s tropical plant collection – but WFH sure beats the commute.

Matt B

Bit Matt B

Like real-life Matt, Bit-Matt enjoyed celebrating Liverpool’s first Premier League trophy from the comfort of his own home. However, since the turn of the year – given recent results – there has been a lot less celebrating!


Bit Mel

As a long-time fan of the Classics, Bit-Mel has been rocking a Spartan helmet since Bitmojis were released. In the summer of 2017, Bit-Mel went on an extended study trip to Greece, where he was lucky enough to purchase one for himself. Though he doesn’t always wear his helmet, Bit-Mel’s love for mythology prevents him from removing it from his head.


Bit Melissa

Growing up in Alaska, Bit-Melissa spent most of her time outdoors. Although she’s now based in New Jersey, Bit-Melissa still loves to go hiking, camping, fishing and snowboarding as much as she possibly can.


Bit Michelle

Who ISN’T ready to travel again, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE??? Bit-Michelle and her bit-family are ready to explore the world again, beyond the confines of an NYC apartment. And she is always up for a bit-margarita, even in Stockholm. Where to next? ANYWHERE!!


Bit PJ

Bit-Peej can be found doing much of the same as you’d expect – eating, laughing or playing with dogs. He loves a good outing with friends and family but would prefer to be home watching the Yankees, Jets or The Bachelor with his bit-wife Danielle and bit-pupper Eddie.


Bit Simon

Real-Simon and Bit-Simon both share a love for St. Patrick’s Day (and it’s not just because his birthday is the day before). In addition to rocking leprechaun gear, you can find Bit-Simon reading, writing, or seeking a good challenge. Good luck Bit-team!


Bit Yolanne

Similar to the real-Yolanne, Bit-Yolanne is happiest when she has a dog in her arms. I guess that’s why they call it puppy love! Benny and Brody (her two shih-tzus) love long walks, squeaky toys and cuddles.


Bit Zain

Just like real-Zain, Bit-Zain is a hip-hop enthusiast. Whether it’s Tupac Shakur, J. Cole or Post Malone, she’s bound to have some rhythm and rhyme playing in the background of her activities.

Paragon’s Bitmoji look-alike contest ends on Friday, March 19th at 5pm ET. Be sure to cast your vote and check our LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram to find out who won on Tuesday, March 23rd! May the best Bit win!

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