To reroute or not to reroute? That is the marketing question…

Ben Webb Blog March 2021
Mar 23 2021

At a cold Raymond James Stadium in February, 25,000 fans watched Tom Brady employ his unique talent – a mesmeric ability to find time where none exists and then find runners yet to appear in space – to steer the Buccaneers to an unexpected Superbowl victory over the Chiefs. 

Some passes were straight from the playbook; others were conjured up in milliseconds in Brady’s fizzing brain. The Gronk was usually on the end of them having run established routes or – more interestingly – discovered brand new ones. It was a wonderful display of experience, teamwork, trust, skill and risk-taking… Read more…

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Attack of the Bitmojis: Who’s Who? 🏆

Bitmoji Battle
Mar 2 2021

Code red! Paragon has been taken over by Bitmojis… again! Can you help us figure out who’s real and who’s a Bit in disguise? Vote for the employee that looks the most like their Bitmoji. May the best Bit win!

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SERP Domination Equals Digital Success

Feb 17 2021

At its core, Fintech, Emerging Tech, and Financial Services Public Relations and integrated communications is about helping your organization be noticed, understood, and sought after. However, in the absence of online visibility, it’s impossible to generate leads, win business, or impress shareholders. So, how do we go about improving exposure? Enter the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We believe that SERP domination equals digital success. Read more…

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Paragon’s Simon Hylson-Smith and PJ Kinsella featured in Kathryn Lancioni’s Latest Book “Public Relations: The Changing Global Landscape”

Public Relations: The Changing Global Landscape
Feb 11 2021

The goal—to discover how the world of public relations is changing from the perspective of the professionals working in it.

Public Relations: The Changing Global Landscape looks at predictions about the future of public relations and digital marketing as reflected in industry surveys and the press. And provides an understanding of the quickly changing nature of these industries, as well as insight into developments on the horizon.

Click here to purchase the Digital eBook

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Marketing is a simple game… if you spot the next Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Blog
May 14 2020

In 1996, I interviewed Michael Jordan in the changing room at the San Antonio Alamodome as he prepared for the All-Star game. It did not feel like an interview with a normal human being. An audience with the Pope springs to mind, or some other deity with wings (those Nikes) and an unworldly hang-time.

At the time, “His Airness”, who had recently returned to the Chicago Bulls following a sabbatical spent swinging a baseball bat, was apparently the most famous person in the world. And every single journalist in San Antonio wanted a piece of him. Just one word. The word of MJ… Nike must have loved it. Read more…

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A Midsummer Website Check-up [INFOGRAPHIC]

Website Audit Checkup
Aug 10 2017

“Are you sure/That we are awake? It seems to me/That yet we sleep, we dream” (A Midsummer Night’s Dream, 4.1.178-81). Unfortunately, this is not a dream. It is now August and the end of summer is quickly approaching. Around this time last year, we provided tips for a mid-year marketing check-up. This time lets focus on key areas to check-up on within your website and which sources will be beneficial to use.

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PR and Marketing Predictions for 2017

PR and Marketing Predictions
Dec 14 2016

Predictions posts seem almost obligatory in December, but it is clear that communications professions face some tough challenges in 2017. Be ready.

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Why less could be more in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing
Jul 28 2016

An army of ‘micro-influencers’ could be more valuable as a means to generate brand awareness and advocacy than a single, big-hitting influencer. We look at the role micro-influencers play in the decision-making process.

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Globant Launches “The Never-Ending Digital Journey”

The Never Ending Digital Journey
Feb 4 2016

Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of advertising giant WPP was among a star-studded line-up of executives attending the launch of Globant’s (NYSE: GLOB) deep-dive into the future of the digital ecosystem.

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A Quick Hello to SEO

Sep 10 2015

What exactly is SEO? Is it helpful in growing your business?

These are a few questions that might come to mind when you hear the term SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which allows search engines to more easily index your website for consumer searches. Some businesses still do not understand and value SEO, opting to ignore it during web development – leaving valuable digital visibility for your products or services behind.

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