The Key to Influencer Marketing Success [Podcast]

You will see numerous posts exclaiming 2017 as the year of influencer marketing. That’s rubbish. We’ve always been in the business of influencer marketing; the media is just more fragmented now. Paragon’s Chris Lee explains how to crack influencer marketing.

You’ll have probably seen a lot of talk about “influencer marketing” in recent months. This catch-all term is used to describe how brands can work with bloggers, video bloggers (AKA ‘vloggers’ or ‘YouTubers’) and Instagrammers. It is often referred separately from media relations, the type of marketing through influencers that PR people have been engaged in for decades.

To that end, dealing with the new, self-made, Internet publishing influencers does require a different tack to dealing with journalists. Online influencers work differently from reporters, and – depending on your sector – there may be many more of them to keep track of and engage with.

Paragon PR’s digital consultant Chris Lee was interviewed recently on the subject of influencer marketing on The Internet Marketing Podcast, the UK’s most-downloaded Internet business podcast.

You can hear his top tips on how to engage with influencers here.

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