A Rhyme for Prime Content

Want to promote your brand? Why not do so in writing?
But you might run yourself ragged with internal fighting
Will it be marketing, by-lines or social media?
Research your trusted news and sources but keep off Wikipedia

Content must be newsworthy and sharp so others will read it
And must be short and catchy so millennials can tweet it
But your judgement’s conflicted, you can’t seem to find a balance
Do you keep scoring out sentences, then granting second chances?

While tasks pile up and deadlines are nearing
Time’s ticking away and your to-do list is not depleting
Then creeps in doubt and you wonder if you have the talent
To write down the opinions you know others haven’t

But push out doubt and don’t let it prevent
You from sharing your voice and letting others comprehend
Your story or brand and what it can do
While there is plenty of noise, make sure your audience hears YOU

If you’re tired of deliberating and contemplating what to do
Want attention-grabbing content and exposed news
That you tried to get out yourself but it wasn’t eloquent
Hire the professionals to make it elegant

Because you have a lot to offer and others should see
So don’t be afraid and let us help you succeed.

Your Content Matters

Finding the words to describe your brand and company can be difficult. As overused as this phrase is, “content is king.” Content is what keeps your audience coming back to your site. Content is what promotes your brand. Content shares your opinion but writing it is not as easy as one would think. That does not mean to give up on it, rather find someone that can help write and create content for you because your brand should never go silent.


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