How to Write an Effective Blog in 5 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

While we at Paragon are outspoken fans of business blogging, we recognize that not every piece of content will resonate with its audience. So, what is it that makes an effective blog?

Last month I wrote about why business blogging works, but what elements are needed to write a compelling blog that appeals to and reaches your audience? Writing a blog that contains relevant content is important, but what other details are necessary to gain visibility? Having a blog is important for any brand that wants to position itself as a thought leader and connect with consumers. Here are the a few tips that will make your piece more impactful and easier to find.  

Writing a blog can be easier said than done, so why not make it as simple as possible? Companies do not need blogs that are lengthy and loaded with SAT words in order to be effective. While having relevant content is important, incorporating some, if not all, of the points mentioned in the above infographic help cut through the noise created by others. So keep it simple, keep it short and make it attention-grabbing.

Read my last blog on Three Reasons Business Blogging Works and leave your thoughts on blogging below.

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