SERP Domination Equals Digital Success

Feb 17 2021

At its core, Fintech, Emerging Tech, and Financial Services Public Relations and integrated communications is about helping your organization be noticed, understood, and sought after. However, in the absence of online visibility, it’s impossible to generate leads, win business, or impress shareholders. So, how do we go about improving exposure? Enter the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We believe that SERP domination equals digital success. Read more…

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5 top tips for writing blog lists – or listicles!

Jul 26 2018

The internet is packed with lists of bite-sized chunks of information that are simplistic clickbait designed to boost traffic, but a well-designed list of great content is a fantastic way to communicate.

From the Ten Commandments to Buzzfeed’s mind-boggling list frenzy, human history is filled with lists that have a fantastic capacity to grab and then focus our attention. Humans, it seems, are hard-wired to engage with lists and that means they are an excellent content marketing tool.

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Brands need to get a grip on user experience, and fast.

user experience - BrightonSEO
Apr 11 2017

One of the key standouts from the UK’s leading search marketing conferences last week was how organisations are still failing to address the basics of user experience. As Google increasingly tries to imitate the user to develop its algorithm further, businesses need to get a grip on user experience once and for all.

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How to Write an Effective Blog in 5 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Effective Blog in 5 steps
Mar 29 2016

While we at Paragon are outspoken fans of business blogging, we recognize that not every piece of content will resonate with its audience. So, what is it that makes an effective blog?

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A new website for a new era

New Era, Paragon Website, PR, New York
Jan 19 2016

Websites are more than shop windows. They are not simple content repositories; they are the embodiment of the soul of a business. Like scruffy shoes or unkempt hair, these first impressions are vital. That’s why we took a long, hard look at ourselves and decided that it was time for a makeover.

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A Quick Hello to SEO

Sep 10 2015

What exactly is SEO? Is it helpful in growing your business?

These are a few questions that might come to mind when you hear the term SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which allows search engines to more easily index your website for consumer searches. Some businesses still do not understand and value SEO, opting to ignore it during web development – leaving valuable digital visibility for your products or services behind.

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Five Ways Experts Build an Online Audience

Aug 1 2014

The Internet arguably has become the most powerful publishing house in the twenty-first century. When I first learned that I would be writing this week’s blog, I was excited to revisit the constant challenge that comes with publishing content exclusively online.

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