Five Ways Experts Build an Online Audience

The Internet arguably has become the most powerful publishing house in the twenty-first century. When I first learned that I would be writing this week’s blog, I was excited to revisit the constant challenge that comes with publishing content exclusively online.

In a landscape so saturated with content and endless opportunities to self-publish, I took a moment to research how successful bloggers, brands and media outlets create engaging content that cuts through the clutter and keeps their readers coming back for more. Here is my countdown of the top five, in order of importance.

5) Identify your audience

It can be easy to write without a target audience, especially when your content is accessible to the entire online community. Identifying your audience and tailoring your message to its needs is critical to establishing credibility and gaining loyalty.

4) Know SEO

How your site stacks up against the rest will determine, to a large degree, how many hits you will get. Leveraging your knowledge of search engine optimization will help you understand how to get more eyes on your site without altering the content.

3) Visual appeal

Finding the right words is only half of the battle. Having a site that is visually dynamic, easy to navigate, and encourages readers to access other content will define the reader’s experience.

2) Short and sweet

Long-form articles appear to be a dying breed, and we spend enough hours staring at computer screens to begin with. Make your point and get out. Your readers will thank you for it.

1) Rebrand and reevaluate

If you don’t have a new idea or product, find a way to spin an old topic. Upon reexamination, chances are you will be able to clarify some critical insights and generate some new ones, giving both your readers and yourself a novel way to think about a recurring issue.

The internet is packed with ramblings and diatribes. To make the biggest impression – and the biggest contribution to the conversation – keep it short, sweet and unique.

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