Marketing is a simple game… if you spot the next Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Blog
May 14 2020

In 1996, I interviewed Michael Jordan in the changing room at the San Antonio Alamodome as he prepared for the All-Star game. It did not feel like an interview with a normal human being. An audience with the Pope springs to mind, or some other deity with wings (those Nikes) and an unworldly hang-time.

At the time, “His Airness”, who had recently returned to the Chicago Bulls following a sabbatical spent swinging a baseball bat, was apparently the most famous person in the world. And every single journalist in San Antonio wanted a piece of him. Just one word. The word of MJ… Nike must have loved it. Read more…

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3 Rules: Content Writing in the Digital Age

Content Writing in the Digital Age
Feb 9 2018

It will come as no surprise that the average human attention span is drastically shorter than what it once was. Google the phrase “average attention span” and you are greeted with a number of articles written around the well-known Microsoft 2015 study that demonstrated the average human attention span was down to 8 seconds, “shorter than that of a goldfish.”

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The art, science and risk of Super Bowl advertising

Feb 2 2018

The Super Bowl is a glitzy sports and entertainment phenomenon that guarantees a viewership of 100 million in the United States alone. This year’s show at the US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota – a heady mix of American football and Justin Timberlake, the half-time entertainment – will dwarf other media highlights of the year. Even the Oscars with its red-carpet celebrity and Hollywood glamour only attracts 30 million. Read more…

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A real-world content marketing case study: Our own

Content Marketing
Jun 8 2017

The pitfalls of a content gap

It’s never easy admitting your own misses but here goes: we here at Paragon got off track with our content marketing. If you are one of our clients, then you have heard us emphasize time and again the power of content – as well as the level of commitment it takes. Producing and regularly delivering relevant content feeds your communications, marketing and media efforts. When done well, this makes them more effective and allows you to connect with and engage your audience.

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Trust is at a Premium: The Challenge for PR

Jan 18 2017

Trust is the currency of the Internet, but it’s in short supply at the moment. Let’s take a look at where PR and Communications professionals can win at garnering public trust for their clients.

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[Podcast] Fintech and Content

content marketing
Nov 9 2016

Content marketing is relevant in all industries, including fintech. Paragon’s VP of marketing, Melissa Even and digital expert, Chris Lee talk about why fintech companies should take advantage of different types of content marketing, from blogs to social media.

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How to Write an Effective Blog in 5 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Effective Blog in 5 steps
Mar 29 2016

While we at Paragon are outspoken fans of business blogging, we recognize that not every piece of content will resonate with its audience. So, what is it that makes an effective blog?

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It’s Alive! (Your Content, That Is)

Jun 5 2015

The lifetime of your content should not end with its concluding paragraph. Whether it’s a 10-page white paper on a market trend or a 300-word blog post on an industry event, the most effective content will reach and engage its target audience.

Content creation is a resource-intensive process that requires original insight and refined editorial skills. But without the proper push into the marketplace, you may find it prematurely on life support.

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Pushing for Change or Pushing for Profit?

Feb 6 2015

Everyone’s familiar with the Dove “Real Beauty” campaign launched in 2004 – inarguably a legend in the annals of concept advertising. The campaign, aimed at challenging the existing standards of beauty, was the first significant push by a major brand towards emotionally empowering marketing. After the phenomenal success of the Dove campaign, other brands flocked to follow suit, some hopping on the bandwagon more gracefully than others.

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Content Marketing: Get Real

content marketing
Dec 5 2014

You’ve heard a lot about content marketing. And sure, it all sounds simple enough. Write a lengthy white paper and then implement a campaign to break it into various distribution channels – a blog here, a tweet there, a website landing page, perhaps a video and a webinar. The belief is that if you place your content in enough places, enough of your target audience will read it enough times to influence their buying decisions. Or at least change the way they think about you.

I’m saying enough is enough with this approach.

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