Podcast: Influencer Relations Best Practice

We recently talked about the democratization of influence in the era of the Social Web. While the influencers might be evolving, the principle remains the same: communications professionals need to come up with interesting, relevant and – preferably – unique stories for influencers.

I sat down with Gordon Kelly, a freelance technology journalist who is currently one of Forbes’ most popular writers, to get his thoughts on how media relations has changed and how he prefers to be approached by comms professionals.

In the podcast, we cover:

  • What makes a good story in 2016?
  • The evolving role of the press release, traditionally the accepted vehicle for news dissemination. Is it still relevant?
  • The journalist’s view on how to pitch to influencers effectively and build long-term relationships with them

Gordon’s insight is a timely reminder that as communications professionals we should never lose sight of the end target audience readership, only target an influencer with an interest in the subject matter (not spam emails, more in hope than expectation), and stand-out with a unique opportunity or content.

Have a listen to Gordon’s viewpoint and we look forward to your thoughts in the comments section. Get in touch if you’d like to speak to Paragon PR about helping you build relationships with your target media.

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