The Key to Influencer Marketing Success [Podcast]

Influencer Marketing podcast
Nov 29 2016

You will see numerous posts exclaiming 2017 as the year of influencer marketing. That’s rubbish. We’ve always been in the business of influencer marketing; the media is just more fragmented now. Paragon’s Chris Lee explains how to crack influencer marketing.

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Podcast: Influencer Relations Best Practice

Influencer Relations
Mar 30 2016

We recently talked about the democratization of influence in the era of the Social Web. While the influencers might be evolving, the principle remains the same: communications professionals need to come up with interesting, relevant and – preferably – unique stories for influencers.

I sat down with Gordon Kelly, a freelance technology journalist who is currently one of Forbes’ most popular writers, to get his thoughts on how media relations has changed and how he prefers to be approached by comms professionals.

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