Christmas – a challenging gift for marketers

Christmas Blog
Oct 8 2020

Have you seen him yet? In shop windows, on TV ads or billboards? The bearded fellow with an optimistic grin, rosy cheeks and a distinctive red and white suit? If not, it’s only a matter of time, as Christmas will come early this year with brands desperate to market their festive-season products using Father Christmas, the ultimate symbol of generosity. And sack-loads of spending. 

Choosing the right day to give Santa his debut this year will be a tricky call for marketers. Get a jump on the competition as fast as possible? Or, in the fall-out of a serious pandemic that has had an appalling affect on so many people’s lives, is that tasteless? Should they defer promoting the frivolity and financial pain of Christmas? Read more…

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The Olympics Games 2020 – a content marketing marathon

Ben Webb Blog
Jul 27 2020

Ready. Set. Market. You may not have heard it but on July 23, exactly one year before the start of the postponed 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, the pistol was fired to start one of the world’s top marketing races. It may be a seriously false start caused by the COVID19-based lockdown, but the quest for communications gold will perhaps be keener than ever. Read more…

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Marketing is a simple game… if you spot the next Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Blog
May 14 2020

In 1996, I interviewed Michael Jordan in the changing room at the San Antonio Alamodome as he prepared for the All-Star game. It did not feel like an interview with a normal human being. An audience with the Pope springs to mind, or some other deity with wings (those Nikes) and an unworldly hang-time.

At the time, “His Airness”, who had recently returned to the Chicago Bulls following a sabbatical spent swinging a baseball bat, was apparently the most famous person in the world. And every single journalist in San Antonio wanted a piece of him. Just one word. The word of MJ… Nike must have loved it. Read more…

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Top Tips for Winning Awards that Matter

Awards Strategy
Feb 3 2020

While PR firms like collecting awards on behalf of their clients, the industry has become saturated. To use an expression suited for the time of year, the golden goose of media companies is being killed off. So what should you look out for – and how do you separate the awards worth winning from those that are there simply ‘pay-for-play’? Read more…

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Fatal marketing flaws for your business

Fatal marketing flaws
Mar 23 2017

Et tu, Brute? In Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, Caesar’s hamartia, or fatal flaw, is his dismissal of the advice from the soothsayer in the marketplace and his wife, Calpurnia. Even though the Ides of March has passed, we should still beware. What advice are you failing to heed in order to grow your business?

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The Changing Brand of the White House

White House Brand
Jan 19 2017

You might not have ever thought about the White House as a “brand.” But it is. It represents an important institution in American government, it is recognizable both as a place and more importantly as an entity, and it aims to meet the needs of its audience. Coming out of a divisive election year and with the inauguration upon us, the White House brand is changing, perhaps more extremely than at any other time in history.

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Your brand screwed up. Now what?

Manage brand crisis
Oct 20 2016

At some point in your career, you will likely face the challenge of overcoming a negative situation for your company and a brand crisis. If you are lucky, this will be a relatively minor issue, one that you are able to overcome with limited long-term impact on your brand. But if you are a company like Yahoo or Wells Fargo, you could face a PR crisis on which rests much of your brand’s image and reputation.

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What’s in a Name? (The Trend of De-branding)

Oct 11 2016

What’s in a brand name? Is that how customers recognize a brand, by its name? Or do they associate a brand more with its logo, the visual representation of the company’s identity? Earlier this summer, MasterCard unveiled its new logo, without the company name, becoming the latest company, along with Starbucks, Target and Apple among countless others, to adopt this “de-branding” trend. What does de-branding mean?  

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Building your brand in uncharted territory

Brand Risks and Rewards
Sep 13 2016

Launching or expanding your brand in uncharted territory is an exciting endeavor that can reap great rewards over the long term. But it is important to confront the potential risks for your brand, whether you are entering a new industry, expanding geographically or targeting a new customer segment. Take blockchain as an example.

Blockchain is a relatively new industry – at least its intersection with traditional financial markets is – but it’s growing at a rapid pace. Countless companies, from long established global firms to early start-ups, are aiming to establish their own footholds and grow right along with this industry.

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It’s time for your mid-year marketing check-up

marketing check-up
Jul 26 2016

I’d rather not say that July is winding down, but summer once again seems to be flying by! As we all try to make the most of our remaining summer plans, believe me when I say that autumn will be here before we know it. So, in between weekend trips to the beach or shaving a few strokes off your golf handicap, now is the perfect time for your mid-year branding and marketing check-up. Read more…

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