5 top tips for writing blog lists – or listicles!

Jul 26 2018

The internet is packed with lists of bite-sized chunks of information that are simplistic clickbait designed to boost traffic, but a well-designed list of great content is a fantastic way to communicate.

From the Ten Commandments to Buzzfeed’s mind-boggling list frenzy, human history is filled with lists that have a fantastic capacity to grab and then focus our attention. Humans, it seems, are hard-wired to engage with lists and that means they are an excellent content marketing tool.

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How to Write an Effective Blog in 5 Steps [INFOGRAPHIC]

Effective Blog in 5 steps
Mar 29 2016

While we at Paragon are outspoken fans of business blogging, we recognize that not every piece of content will resonate with its audience. So, what is it that makes an effective blog?

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Three reasons business blogging works

Blogging and Original Content Generation
Feb 16 2016

The value of blogging for B2B companies was underlined this week by this piece. While the author demonstrates that almost nine in every ten B2B organizations uses content marketing, what I want to know is whether these content marketing efforts are achieving their business objectives?

We will be covering ‘How to write an effective blog’ next month, so follow us on Twitter to stay tuned for that, but first up here are three key benefits of B2B blogging – when done properly.

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