It’s time to think again!

Oct 24 2018

The next time someone tells me they are “thinking outside the box”, it may be more than I can do to stop myself from screaming. It’s (oxy)moronic, as are so many phrases that are intended to convey creative thinking. Most of the time, I would put “thought leadership” in this category. A good example of this was a fintech firm (I will spare them their blushes), which posted a sponsored article last week about their office expansion in Asia Pacific and then claimed it to be a “thought leadership” piece. Say no more. Read more…

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Thought leadership?

thought leadership
Jan 24 2015

Who came up with the term ‘thought leadership’? Used correctly, it would be acceptable, but is has become so bastardized that if I write the words at all, I put inverted commas around the first usage. The truth is that too often thought leadership has become the misnomer for product marketing messages dressed up as pearls of wisdom strung into a fine necklace.

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