“Paragon’s media relations support has been instrumental in making Chainalysis a household name in the crypto industry.” – Michael Gronager, CEO, Chainalysis.

Background & Challenge:

Chainalysis is the leading blockchain analysis company, occupying a unique role as the bridge between financial institutions, law enforcement and the crypto industry. Chainalysis has developed the tools needed to make cryptocurrency safer and more transparent for further global adoption. In order to expand its global footprint and market itself as a leader in research and blockchain analysis, Chainalysis depends on a team of expert PR professionals to engage with the media, generate newsworthy headlines and implement strategies that will keep the company on an upward trajectory.


Media Relations, Awards & Events, Research


Paragon worked around the clock with the Chainalysis team to deliver media results that were timely and impactful. For more complex and research-driven content, such as the annual Chainalysis Crypto Crime Reports or the 2020 first of its kind Geography of Cryptocurrency Report, Paragon secured stories in a variety of top-tier media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Reuters, The New York Times and many more. When not pitching exclusive reports, Paragon has secured Chainalysis expert commentary on the ever-changing cryptomarkets and crypto-crime pieces in broadcast media such as CNBC, Fox Business, Cheddar, and Nasdaq TradeTalks. Paragon also appreciates the value of trade and tech media and works with the likes of ZDNet, CyberScoop, Coindesk, Cointelegraph, and The Block regularly to keep Chainalysis’s name and intel front and center in all types of media.


Chainalysis now provides highly sought-after data, software, services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and insurance and cybersecurity companies in over 50 countries. Through Paragon’s partnership with Chainalysis, the company has achieved tremendous accolades, from lists including Forbes Fintech 50, CB Insights Blockchain 50, Fortune 40 Under 40 and Forbes’ Next Billion Dollar Companies List (to name a few). Its data platform powers investigation, compliance, and risk management tools that have been used to solve some of the world’s most high-profile cybercriminal cases and grow consumer access to cryptocurrency safely. Chainalysis is now one of the most recognized and trusted names in crypto-security through Paragon’s execution of strategic media relations. In January of 2021 alone, Chainalysis earned over 150 media hits, with over 25% of those coming from tier one outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters and The Wall Street Journal.

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