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“Putting us at the heart of the conversation, Paragon has helped us gain industry recognition and identify relevant sales opportunities within a very competitive marketplace.” – Dan Duran, Co-CEO, CIA Omnigage

Background & Challenge:

Established in 1997, CIA Omnigage (formerly Client Instant Access) worked with several of the world’s largest global banks and other B2B clients since its inception. However, the company lacked a sales and marketing department; therefore, its brand and newly-developed products were not well-known to the broader industry.


Paragon delivered a complete rebrand and newly designed website to modernize its identity/look-and-feel, streamline messaging and create an overall holistic user experience for current and potential clients in the initial stages of the engagement. In addition to implementing lead generation tools and a new digital sales strategy, approach and process, Paragon developed a new data dashboard and established a sales funnel to track leads and better measure ROI.
Once the foundational pillars were in place, Paragon began developing regular and consistent SEO-friendly content and executing strategic promotional digital campaigns to increase organic website traffic and position CIA Omnigage and its executives as thought leaders. In parallel, Paragon initiated ongoing paid advertising campaigns to further generate brand awareness and increase inbound leads.


2020 was CIA Omnigage’s most successful year-to-date. From March to May alone, the company experienced a 75% increase in overall business and onboarded 900 users and 40 new firms as clients. In addition, CIA Omnigage saw a 19% increase in online demo requests, a 15% increase in new web users, and a 338% increase in organic search traffic.

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