“Paragon has been central to what we’ve accomplished on the PR and digital marketing front over the last few years; during the global pandemic of 2020 it was crucial that our messaging addressed the issues we were solving and was reaching the right people.” – Brian Hunt, Chief Administrative Officer, Cloud9 Technologies

Background & Challenge:

With the institutional trading ecosystem becoming increasingly dependent on electronic trading, Cloud9 wanted to emphasize the continued importance of voice trading in the market. While Cloud9’s cloud-based voice trading solution provided anytime/anywhere access for traders, the firm knew that it needed to accentuate its pivotal role in the industry amidst the larger legacy technology providers and a growing need for trading mobility and virtual access, particularly as everyone was forced into remote working conditions in 2020.


Paragon engineered a proactive outreach campaign articulating the need for robust cloud-based voice trading solutions since traders were not only seeking greater optionality in their trading capabilities, but needed virtual access due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign emphasized the broader transition to a “virtual trading floor” and positioned Cloud9 as an integral part of the structural transition.


Between March and December 2020, Cloud9’s business grew by over 50%, with penetration into new markets, connections to nearly 30 new buy- and sell-side institutions, and the completion of a $17.5 million Series B funding round. The campaign generated results in top-tier publications, including Fortune, Financial Times, Reuters, The New York Times, Business Insider, Mergermarket, over 80 trade placements, and four award wins.

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