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Baton Systems

Fremont, CA

Baton Systems is a FinTech company that solves major challenges in the banking industry. Their software allows banks to accelerate the movement of assets at the institutional level, reducing the transfer time from two or three days to just a couple of hours. This saves banks time and lowers costs in a way that has resulted in Baton being called the PayPal for large institutions.

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LCH Clearnet

London, UK

LCH.Clearnet is Paragon’s first and longest-serving client. As the world’s largest clearing house for interest rate swaps, it already had a powerful position with the sell-side community. The emergence of mandatory clearing for the buy-side presented a new challenge and fresh competition from strong and established U.S. services. Paragon helped frame the positioning and messaging, and has worked successfully on both the public relations and marketing side of the LCH business.

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Sage Advisory

Austin, TX

Sage Advisory is widely recognized as a leading provider of fixed income, ETF and liability-driven investment strategies. Following a prolonged period of positive media exposure, Paragon has successfully positioned the firm as an authoritative, independent and opinionated voice of the industry through a broad-based thought leadership and public relations program.

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New York, NY

Symbiont is a pioneer in the creation of smart contracts on the blockchain. This innovative and disruptive approach to delivering cost-effective, safer and more efficient market infrastructure required a high level of market education and media engagement. Paragon targeted key influencers in a patient but effective campaign to position this new but highly influential brand.

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Quantitative Brokers

New York, NY and London, UK

Quantitative Brokers (QB) is a leading provider of independent best execution algorithms in the futures and fixed income markets for the buy and sell-side. While the quality of their offering is widely known in the futures markets it is relatively new to the cash fixed income markets, introducing a more sophisticated approach to trading. Paragon delivers a level of expertise to the QB team that is helping increase awareness and impact their market position in the cash markets through a series of educational and influential media and analyst interactions.

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Tera Group LLC

New York, NY

Tera Group LLC signed with Paragon to communicate the firm’s Swap Execution Facility (SEF) through an integrated communications program. Paragon’s industry experience was vital in Tera Group’s navigation of the evolving regulatory landscape throughout 2014, and the company’s pioneering role in bringing formal protocols to bitcoin. Paragon secured coverage in top tier media and key bitcoin publications to reach a wide array of audiences, explaining the finer details and complexities of the product releases.

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Calypso Technology

San Francisco, CA

Calypso asked Paragon to conceive and execute an integrated communications program to capture the narrative around its business innovation. After meeting with Calypso to solidify its positioning and aspirations, Paragon embarked on a comprehensive campaign with sharpened brand messaging. In 2015, Paragon helped the company launch its pioneering "Bank-in-a-Box" solution with an incisive mixture of media relations, event coordination and a crisp product trailer.

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Style Research

Boston, MA

Style Research enjoys a dedicated, long-term clientele that uses their objective analytics to understand the true drivers of their portfolio performance. But Style was looking to take their business to the next level. Paragon worked closely with the Style team to recast their core messaging, before embarking on an integrated marketing campaign to raise awareness of the brand. Results have already included a significant uptick in web traffic and new, qualified leads, as well as a modernization of their marketing processes.

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