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Welcome to Counterpoint, an exciting forum for original thinking from market participants – those that are forging new and better paths for the industry. Counterpoint is a platform for opinion and dialogue. Through a combination of written, spoken and visual content, we provide fresh, impactful ideas and insight. We hope to spark debate and deliver the kind of thinking that ultimately enhances the way markets operate.

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The Paragon360 approach ensures that we create clear messages and deliver relevant content to the audiences you care about. We define the objectives, and make sure they match your business goals, before executing a content marketing program. Then we measure the results and take action to keep improving the effectiveness of the process.


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Tropical Storm Barry Helps Spark Fuel-Price Rebound

Mizuho | The Wall Street Journal

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Big Pharma won’t like Trump’s next move after rebate rule is abandoned, investors fear

Mizuho | CNBC

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Analyst: CytomX Therapeutics Validated By AbbVie Decision

Mizuho | Yahoo! Finance

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Oil jumps 3% on U.S. crude stocks draw, Gulf of Mexico storm

Mizuho | Financial Post

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UPDATE 8-Oil jumps 3% on U.S. crude stocks draw, Gulf of Mexico storm

Mizuho | Yahoo! Finance

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#FinanceFriday: The U.S. #financial industry saw job postings seeking people with #BigData skills increase by almost 60% over the past year.

States are teaming up in a bid for a joint #Antitrust investigation of large #technology companies as soon as next month.

Managers are more likely to offer a job to a less impressive candidate, assuming applicants with extensive experience won’t be as committed to the company. Do you agree with this?

#Facebook said this week that it was giving users more control over its off-platform #tracking technology in a bid to mitigate criticism over how it handles user data. #DataManagement

Many professionals are restarting their careers with #minternships (middle-career internships) – leaving their jobs to take internships, often in other industries, in order to reskill.

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