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Welcome to Counterpoint, an exciting forum for original thinking from market participants – those that are forging new and better paths for the industry. Counterpoint is a platform for opinion and dialogue. Through a combination of written, spoken and visual content, we provide fresh, impactful ideas and insight. We hope to spark debate and deliver the kind of thinking that ultimately enhances the way markets operate.

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Paragon360 approach

The Paragon360 approach ensures that we create clear messages and deliver relevant content to the audiences you care about. We define the objectives, and make sure they match your business goals, before executing a content marketing program. Then we measure the results and take action to keep improving the effectiveness of the process.


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EDM Council, Solidatus Ally for DCAM RegData Readiness Assessments

EDM Council | Waters Technology

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Chainalysis Adds ERC-20 Tokens to Its On-Demand Compliance Service

Chainalysis | Cointelegraph

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Chainalysis Adds Support for 10 ERC-20 Tokens; XRP and DOGE Coming Soon

Chainalysis | CryptoGlobe

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Chainalysis Software Upgrade Now Allows Tracking of ERC-20 Cryptos

Chainalysis | Crowdfund Insider

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Chainalyis Adds More ERC-20 Tokens to Crypto Sleuthing Service

Chainalysis | Buisness Telegraph

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#Apple removed an app that allowed police movements to be tracked in Hong Kong after criticism by Beijing. #Privacy #Data

#MotivationMonday: "There should be no discrimination against languages people speak, skin color, or religion." - Malala Yousafzai

The #NobelPrize winners of 2019 are being announced this week. Are you happy with the results?

Which side are you on regarding the #StrawDebate? With 500 million plastic straws used by Americans daily, the nation is begrudgingly transitioning away from them. #EcoFriendly #PlasticFree

In honor of #LGBTHistoryMonth and #NationalComingOutDay, CEO Simon Hylson-Smith's new #blog shares his thoughts on the industry's current social climate. #Equality

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