In 2015, Aim for Agility

To be resolute is to be set in your ways. In my mind, this is not the ideal state to embrace a new year full of opportunities.

While New Year’s resolutions offer a compelling opportunity for self-improvement, they are infamously prone to result in failure. A 2014 poll by the University of Scranton psychology department shows that less than 50% of Americans follow through on their yearly resolutions.

While going cold turkey on bad habits is admirable, it is often a cop-out that diminishes the chances of enacting real change. Goals that are worth achieving for ourselves or our businesses are typically attained in the long-term and are the result of consistent efforts, not a poorly planned commitment that is easy to abandon come Valentine’s Day.

In 2015, focus on agility. Sure, yoga will help, but maintaining an agile business is a terrific feat.

Instead of digging your heels into a prescribed set of resolutions, embrace whatever challenges your business may face. Sales lagging? Consider enacting a digital business strategy. Afraid your organization is stuck in a rut? Promote a more collaborative work environment.

In finance, regulation is an ongoing theme that requires innovative thinking and poses tremendous challenges to businesses throughout the industry. Similarly, communications professionals face the hurdles of a new media landscape including online communications, social media and greater expectations for digital design.

Acknowledging challenges as they arise and remaining flexible to new market opportunities may not be easy but may prove a more worthy goal than ordering salad for lunch.

No matter the industry, don’t dig yourself into a resolution rut. Aiming for agility may be the greatest – and last – resolution your business will need.

Image courtesy of KROMKRATHOG/FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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