3 Lessons your business can learn from the World Cup

Whether you’ve been captivated by the phenomenon or a casual passerby, it will benefit your business to tune in to the World Cup and learn a few things.

1. Join part in something bigger than the individual

I’m sure everyone has seen/heard the “I Believe” chant that has flowed out of fervent US soccer fútbol fans and those less in-touch with the sport alike. One of these people hollering won’t inspire a nation though. It takes a team of devout followers cheering to surpass your common goals. Cultivate fans of your product or service both internally and externally by being a conduit to express what your business is passionate about.

2. Finish what you start

Americans who watched the US game vs. Portugal were likely cursing the European nation until Portugal’s shocking win against Ghana that jolted a losing US squad into the next round. As the US-POR tilt entered the final few minutes, there was an uneasy feeling in my stomach. The US was lazy in the home stretch and ceded the tying goal in the final minute. A brutal finish, but an important lesson for business. Push through the fatigue. Don’t let exhaustion take hold of your projects. Finish strong and control your fate.

3. You may have an illustrious history, but you’re only as good as your last success

The highly touted Spanish team set foot on Brazilian soil as the defending World Cup champions. Shortly after its heralded arrival, Spain was crushed by 2010 World Cup runner-up Holland 5-1. I have to think that the 2010 championship and illustrious history afforded the squad a false sense of security. Every business should operate like a hungry start-up, not a pot-bellied giant. Foster a motivated staff by eschewing your laurels and staying humble.

Full adoption of these principles (particularly the 3rd), is as likely as fútbol surpassing football in American hearts. But businesses beware, if you have to wait four years for another reminder it might be too late.

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