Battle of the Bitmojis: Who’s Who?

We need your help! Paragon has been taken over by…Bitmojis! But who’s who? Are these Bitmojis who they say they are? Vote for the the employee that looks the most like their Bitmoji and help us decide who’s real and who’s a con!


Bit-Haley and Real Haley have many things in common, the most obvious being recently becoming college graduates. After finishing up her four years at Syracuse University, Haley is back at Paragon for another fun summer of marketing and media relations.


Happy, sassy and classy. Bit-Joh is the life of the party. Much like her human counterpart – she likes music, food and good company. Known for being a “foodie”, Bit-Joh spends her days looking for the latest food trends that she can Snap or post on her IG.


The beach is Bit-Kel’s Happy Place. Just like her human counterpart, she enjoys spending her summer vacations at the Beach with her family and friends.


Bit-Geena, like Real Geena, is adjusting to her transition glasses. They have her feeling a little salty.


As with real-life Erin, Duke Silver is Bit-Erin’s personal hero.


Bit-Crysta loves pizza. It’s impossible to tell the difference between the real person and the bit-person because EVERYONE loves pizza.


Unlike real-life Elizabeth, Bit-Elizabeth tends to be a little clumsy at times…but both share a love for gelato, traveling and coordinating their outfits whenever they get the opportunity.


Bit-Peej, as you may have noticed, enjoys a day out at the baseball park. But he doesn’t limit his time to just baseball. Bit-Peej can be found at all types of SPORTS events, usually at the hot dog stand or hailing the peanut vendor from his seat. When Bit-Peej isn’t at the ballpark, he can be found stalking bit-pugs across social media.


Bit-Melissa loves animals, especially dogs. Recently nominated by Paragon as, “Most Likely to Bring Her Dog to Work” on the national holiday, Bring Your Kids to Work Day, Bit-Melissa spends her free time hiking, exploring and snuggling with her four-legged son, Denali.


He’s no Richard Hendricks from HBO’s Silicon Valley, but Bit-Patrick is working to make PR at a better place – cutting one buzzword at a time.


It’s summertime, which means that Bit-Michelle is in between all the family camping weekends, although the real Michelle would actually not be fishing but canoeing. And that would be in Vermont, not on the Hudson River (which the Paragon team looks at everyday).


Like her Bitmoji, if you can’t locate Colleen, she’s likely flying the friendly skies on a business trip, or sailing off into the sunset with her main squeeze, Simon.


Whether it’s solving a puzzle on behalf of clients or completing a 24-mile hike to raise money for cancer awareness, Bit-Simon enjoys a good challenge. Bit-Simon is determined to win this contest. Will he win your vote?

The Paragon Bitmoji look-alike contest ends on Tuesday, August 15th at 5pm. Be sure to cast your vote and check our social platforms to find out who the winner will be on August 16th! May the odds be ever in your favor…

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