Here’s How to Think Strategically for Big PR Wins

Public relations isn’t easy – that’s why there are entire agencies, like Paragon, dedicated to the craft. Especially for those new to PR, media relations can feel like an obstacle course, and one whose rewards are anything but instant.

The news cycle moves a mile a minute, with thousands of competing voices and hundreds of topics that come in and out of fashion before you’ve even had a chance to form an opinion. While daunting, this breakneck pace can also be a boon – there’s always something new to talk about, and someone new to talk to about it.

The key is a strategic, considered approach. PR isn’t about mindlessly hawking product news or making grandiose claims – the only placement this will secure you is on a blacklist.

While your PR rep will help flesh out alluring angles, it’s never too early to kick the process into gear. Here are three mental exercises to spark the foundations of an effective media relations program.

1. Finding the Needle in the Newsfeed

  • What industry topics are not being covered by the media that you find to be pressing?
  • What new information or unique perspective can you bring to the discussion?
  • How does your daily work fit into larger industry themes?
  • What facts and figures can you use to substantiate your claims?

2. Core Topics and Tea Leaves

  • What are your true differentiators? Speak to the issue that is core to your business.
  • Will clients consider speaking to the media on your behalf?
  • Have you noticed any patterns in client needs? Why are they not being met?
  • Where is the future of the the industry? What regulations, technologies and consumer preferences are set to shake things up?

3. Anything but Boring Business

  • Is your business organized in a way that is distinct from competitors?
  • Do you have any unique hiring, retention or evaluation tools?
  • What benefits do you offer that distinguish you from competitors and your industry at large?
  • How was your organization founded and funded?

If you ever feel stuck on the sidelines, keep in mind that the media move quickly. Even though you may not have anything new to say today, stay on your toes and be ready to hit the track tomorrow.

Need help staying relevant? Contact us to find (more than) a few optimal angles.

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