HOLIDAY POST: The Paragon Babies

As the weather outside gets frightful. And the warmth of a fire feels so delightful. While you get to the places you need to go. May it not snow, take the day slow and enjoy our post.

While it is hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close, time always passes quickly. So do people! Let’s take a look at the Paragon team before they decided to get into public relations.

Paragon's Associate, Johanna Perez

Who’s this giggly little girl? That would be Associate, Johanna Perez.

Johanna was a bit of her surprise to her family. She was born already an aunt, with a nephew two years older than her. He taught her to walk, talk and (not) dance.

Paragon's Account Executive Geena De Rose

Who’s this rocking 90’s-style bangs? Paragon’s Account Executive, Geena De Rose.

Geena, the Queen of throwing shade since the 1990’s.

Paragon's Account Executive, Erin Tye

Who’s this parched young biker? Our very own Account Executive, Erin Tye.

Erin (right) fell in early with a rough biker crowd. Fortunately she turned her life around, gave up juice and moved from England to the US to start her new life.

Paragon's EVP of Media Relations, P.J. Kinsella

Who’s this hungry little fella? That’s Paragon’s Media Relations VP, P.J. Kinsella.

P.J. has never been what most would call “conservative” with food. At age 3 he took it upon himself to make cat food and hot water for breakfast. To this day he still prepares most of his own meals, although most do not include Purina or Fancy Feast.

Paragon's Marketing EVP, Mellisa Even

Who’s this dog-loving tot? None other than Marketing VP, Melissa Even.

To this day, Melissa still loves dogs. She was even voted “Most likely to bring a dog on ‘Bring your kid to work day’” at Paragon’s holiday party.

Paragon’s Senior VP, Patrick Sutton

Who’s this overall-loving young lad? This is Paragon’s Senior VP, Patrick Sutton.

Patrick might have missed his calling as a farmer, which could explain his lobbying for business casual overalls.

Colleen Baby Pic

Who’s this dressed-up cutie? That would be Paragon’s Director of Operations, Colleen Hylson-Smith.

Colleen might have stopped wearing poofy dresses, but that’s not the ideal attire for walking her three rescue dogs.

Michelle Eliseo

Who’s this polka dotted youngster? Our very own Director of Marketing, Michelle Eliseo.

Fewer curls, and no longer blonde, but still having more fun!

Director of Public Relations, Ivette Almeida

Who’s this pretty-in-pink sweetheart? None other than Director of Public Relations, Ivette Almeida.

Ivette (right) is still a brunette sweetheart, she just wears less pink.

Paragon’s President, Mike Ross

Who’s this plaid aficionado? This is Paragon’s President, Mike Ross.

Fun fact – baby Mike was a red-head!

Paragon’s CEO, Simon Hylson-Smith

And this handsome young man is none other than Paragon’s CEO, Simon Hylson-Smith.

Little did he know he would grow up to be the fearless leader of Paragon Public Relations.


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