Job Search During a Pandemic: Advice for the Class of 2021

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Mar 9 2021

With the one year anniversary of the COVID-19-induced global lockdown approaching, now is a good time to reflect on where we all were last year. For me, a member of the Class of 2020, I was a senior in college, midway through my final semester, preparing for my first real job search.

Nothing could have prepared me for the job market I was about to enter. Read more…

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Career lessons from a dead cat

Career lessons from a cat
Jan 24 2017

Finding the neighbour’s cat by the back fence at 10 o’clock last night, surrounded by our three dogs, wasn’t the ideal way to end a long day’s work. Especially since the cat was dead. (And no, the dogs did not cause the demise; they only discovered it.) But it made me think – while most of our lives aren’t as fleeting as a feline’s, there is as much need to capture the best of our time at work as we should with our friends and families. Sure, “life is short,” but your career is even shorter. Seize the moment.

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