SERP Domination Equals Digital Success

Feb 17 2021

At its core, Fintech, Emerging Tech, and Financial Services Public Relations and integrated communications is about helping your organization be noticed, understood, and sought after. However, in the absence of online visibility, it’s impossible to generate leads, win business, or impress shareholders. So, how do we go about improving exposure? Enter the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). We believe that SERP domination equals digital success. Read more…

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Tools for Success in Financial Services & Fintech PR

Sep 13 2018

Today’s financial markets operate at lightning speeds and are constantly monitored by regulators and compliance organizations to ensure there is a level playing field for all participants. Participants must ensure their operations are organized and buttoned-up, particularly their messaging and their brand image. With that in mind, managing public relations for firms in this sector – whether asset managers, fintech vendors, or tier-one banks – is no small task and requires a specific set of expertise, tools and strategies. Here are five tips that will help you successfully manage your client’s expectations and become a more well-rounded communications professional.  

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[Podcast] Fintech and Content

content marketing
Nov 9 2016

Content marketing is relevant in all industries, including fintech. Paragon’s VP of marketing, Melissa Even and digital expert, Chris Lee talk about why fintech companies should take advantage of different types of content marketing, from blogs to social media.

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The Future of FinTech: Where’s the Next Hub?

Sep 15 2016

The emergence of financial technology, or “fintech” as it has become universally known, has been rapid and widespread. From high-speed trading to cloud infrastructure, it has become the beating heart of the capital markets. But while adoption is ubiquitous and inevitable, New York and London remain the world’s premier fintech centers. With these leading markets well-defined, where will we see the next major fintech hub emerge?

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News Cycle or Cycling News?

News Cycle or Cycling News
Apr 27 2016

My daily train commute is simply structured, and frequently repeated. Email, Twitter, news digests.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

What’s becoming as equally repetitive, however, is the “news” flung over a newswire. Partnerships – Products – New clients (bonus points if someone can complete the alliteration to @paragonpatrick).

The news that HBO’s Silicon Valley, a brilliant show by the way, has been planting fake news stories in Google search results highlighted this realization.

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Regulation Hits the Big Screen

Regulation Hits Big Screen
Apr 21 2016

Regulation is always one of the top stories across the global financial sector. Market structure is constantly evolving and, as such, must be cautiously monitored by regulators around the globe. While regulatory issues are not exactly the most enthralling of discussion topics, I thought it would be fun to compare some of the big ones to films. Below you’ll find a little AFI (American Film Institute) and a little AIFMD (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive).

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Make your brand stand out from the crowd. (Even in the blockchain.)

Brand stand out from the crowd, blockchain
Mar 3 2016

Whether you are a well-established business or an up-and-coming startup, one of your most valuable assets is your brand. Hopefully that is not news to you. (If it is, contact me immediately!) But let’s pause to really think about that simple statement for a moment:

  • Does your brand stand out?
  • Does your market truly understand it?
  • Are you continually developing your brand?

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Blockchain plus smart contracts equals boon for regulators

Blockchain, Compliance, Fintech, Smart Contracts, Bitcoin, Regulation
Feb 26 2016

Of the many benefits to capital markets promised by smart contracts and blockchain technology, none are more important than those to be gained by regulators. Indeed, regulation was one of the main themes touched upon by panelists from CME, Geopay, PwC, Symbiont, and TD Bank at the Mankoff Company’s After-the-Bell discussion this past Wednesday (February 24) in Chicago, which addressed the blockchain as a game-changing technology.

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