5 Business Lessons from an Unexpected Long Walk

5 business lessons
Sep 21 2016

Over the weekend, I set off with our three dogs for a routine walk across the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. It was a largely sunny day, and the fields were lush and welcoming. Apart from a few fields of cattle and sheep, everything looked perfect for our six-mile ramble.

So, why did I arrive home more than five hours later after a 12-mile hike up and down steep hills that left me near my physical limits? And what business lessons can we learn from the simple things in life?

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Lessons from Sandy

Nov 2 2012

The impact of Hurricane Sandy can teach us valuable lessons. Not only should we be prepared to expect the unexpected but there should be a clear and integrated plan to be quickly up and running again when a problem presents itself. It seems like in the case of the transportation authorities and the utility companies, last year’s Hurricane Irene provided a valuable education in emergency response planning. The same framework model can be applied to any business and, when used, helps maximize the success rate of a company.

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