Job Search During a Pandemic: Advice for the Class of 2021

Job Search Blog
Mar 9 2021

With the one year anniversary of the COVID-19-induced global lockdown approaching, now is a good time to reflect on where we all were last year. For me, a member of the Class of 2020, I was a senior in college, midway through my final semester, preparing for my first real job search.

Nothing could have prepared me for the job market I was about to enter. Read more…

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How to optimize social media for business

Social Media
May 16 2018

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is a popular idiom, but most people do not have the time or patience to look past a dull front page. Today, think of social media as your company’s “book cover.” It’s not enough to merely exist, it’s vital to keep business accounts as attractive and engaging as possible.

While long rejected by many in financial services and fintech as an immature platform with little value, the value of a thoughtfully developed and executed social media strategy is beyond doubt now.

Firms of all sizes are using these channels to share relevant industry information, provide peer feedback, post findings and research, market new products and services, and most importantly, serve as the primary form of communication between businesses and industry professionals.

According to Salesforce’s 2017 State of Marketing Report, social media marketing in B2B strategies has grown by an outstanding 80% in the past two years. While publishing frequent, high-quality posts on a consistent basis is essential, it is even more crucial to utilize the different functions and strengths of each individual platform appropriately.

So, how can you optimize your social media presence? Let’s take a brief look at how each channel plays into a cohesive strategy for your brand:

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With LinkedIn, Microsoft Can Create a Strategic Blockchain Advantage

Strategic Blockchain Advantage
Jun 17 2016

Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn comes as no huge surprise, as analysts – including Neil Doshi of Mizuho Securities (cl) – generally saw Microsoft or Salesforce as the two most likely suitors. The logic is solid: LinkedIn will leverage Microsoft’s scale, while it provides Microsoft juice in cloud, mobile and social, three strategically important areas where it has traditionally lagged.

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Social Media’s Tipping Point

Social Media Tipping Point
May 31 2016

Anyone who has read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point has been exposed to a number of different epidemics, some of which are much easier to explain than others. The rate at which social media has exploded in the last decade makes one wonder if it’s the next major trend to reach its tipping point. At its current rate of adoption, there’s reason to believe that it might be.

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