The “Final Four” Tips for Business PR

Apr 8 2019

Whether you’re a lifelong college basketball fan or just looking to test your luck with some friendly office competition, March Madness is an exciting change-up to your daily routine. We’ve seen some unexpected upsets this year heading into the ‘Final Four,’ and I can’t help but think about how each team’s journey to reach this point reflects startups rise to the top within their industries.

While we’re in the spirit of the game, here’s a look at how PR can help businesses go from an unknown to a thriving team to reckon with in the media. Read more…

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Requiem for a Resume

March Madness and Resumes
Mar 22 2016

Last week, the NCAA tournament – arguably the most exciting sports championship of the year – kicked off around the country. As always, “March Madness” did not disappoint in the first two rounds, with upsets aplenty and last second finishes that will be replayed for ages. However, this year was marked by some blatant oversights by the tournament committee, who failed to recognize the accomplishments of some smaller schools and instead granted spots in the field to bigger, more established programs whose “resume” was deemed more impressive (see what ESPN Bracketology expert Joe Lunardi had to say).

Read more…

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