Top Tips for Winning Awards that Matter

Awards Strategy
Feb 3 2020

While PR firms like collecting awards on behalf of their clients, the industry has become saturated. To use an expression suited for the time of year, the golden goose of media companies is being killed off. So what should you look out for – and how do you separate the awards worth winning from those that are there simply ‘pay-for-play’? Read more…

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Good Grammar: Does It Even Matter Anymore?

Good Grammar
Jun 21 2016

The more I read the news these days, the more I notice that articles are full of errors. I am not referring to the actual reporting or fact-checking, although that is an extremely important topic, but to errors of grammar. Misspellings. Incorrect punctuation. Words in the wrong place or misused altogether. (Yes, I acknowledge that I just used incomplete sentences rather than serial commas.)

Are these concerns about grammar just one of my own pet peeves while other readers find it forgivable (or worse, in my opinion, even acceptable)? Does anyone else assign trust and quality to a news article in proportion to its grammatical correctness?

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Social Media’s Tipping Point

Social Media Tipping Point
May 31 2016

Anyone who has read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point has been exposed to a number of different epidemics, some of which are much easier to explain than others. The rate at which social media has exploded in the last decade makes one wonder if it’s the next major trend to reach its tipping point. At its current rate of adoption, there’s reason to believe that it might be.

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Beyond the Press Release: Survival Skills for Public Relations

press release, public relations, PR, communications, media relations
Feb 25 2016

“But what do you really do?”

The amount of times I’ve been asked this question by friends, family and new acquaintances upon hearing that I’m in Public Relations initially surprised me. Yet, my colleagues have recently confirmed my resulting suspicion: most people don’t know what PR is and how we, as PR professionals, operate.

For those seeking an insight into what makes PR machines tick, I can provide something more compelling than a list of potential PR initiatives. Here are just a few of the survival skills that agencies and individuals must command to catapult themselves from good to great.

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Problems with the media? Preparation is key.

Apr 25 2014

Being prepared for an interview with the media not only prevents heart palpitations but it will ensure a much better outcome, not only for you but for the reporter. Take my word for it – I’ve seen great interviews and lousy ones. And I’ve been on both sides of the table.

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