A Time for Change

Brand Change
May 3 2016

While nearing my one-year anniversary working as an intern/part-time employee for Paragon Public Relations and approaching the end of my undergraduate career, I am faced with a unique situation I have never had: the end of the life I have known since starting pre-k at age 4. While the change from a full-time student to a full-time employee sounds intimidating, it is necessary to take on new challenges while continuing to grow. The same goes for a business. All brands should continuously change and rethink their strategies to ensure they meet evolving demands.

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Marketing and Sales: Siblings in Nature

Marketing & Sales Collaboration
Mar 31 2016

Working in an agency environment, I’ve been involved in a slew of accounts that need marketing support, particularly to help drive their sales efforts. The ones that have been the most successful are those that see the need for marketing and the imperative coexistence between the Marketing and Sales teams. The reality is that these teams are essentially siblings, where it’s not always easy to get along but when they work together, they are a strong force.

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Unstuffing Your Message: A Cautionary Tale

Nov 28 2014

I’m still full from Thanksgiving. Very full. Let’s face it – a more accurate name for the last Thursday in November may well be “National Day of Semi-Historical Overindulgence”.

For me, the day after Thanksgiving can inspire panic. Christmas songs dominate the radio, seasonal temptations launch an unrelenting assault against my willpower and, before I know it, my bank account is the only thing light on its feet. Read more…

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