Webinar 101 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jun 18 2018
Creative. Interactive. Global. Cost efficient. Real-time. On Demand.

These are just a few characteristics used to describe webinars. A webinar is a web-based video or audio conference that connects an individual or group host to a global audience. Professionals invest time into webinar research and planning because it is ultimately used as an educational business tool. For the hosting company, this results in an organic way to improve SEO while becoming known as “industry experts.” Adding a user registration step to the webinar process is also a great way to capture new leads and relevant industry contacts. Companies that publish webinar content have experienced a substantial increase in brand awareness, lead generation and overall credibility.

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Corporate Culture: Planning Team Events [INFOGRAPHIC]

team building
Jan 5 2017

Corporate culture has become increasingly important as companies try to attract, retain and encourage employees. After all, happy employees are productive employees and your best ambassadors for your brand. One way to improve your company’s corporate culture is by carving out time to connect outside of the normal routines of the office. Needless to say, team events can vary to suit personalities, encourage collaboration or simply have some fun, ranging from a cooking class to a treasure hunt.

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5 Business Lessons from an Unexpected Long Walk

5 business lessons
Sep 21 2016

Over the weekend, I set off with our three dogs for a routine walk across the beautiful Wiltshire countryside. It was a largely sunny day, and the fields were lush and welcoming. Apart from a few fields of cattle and sheep, everything looked perfect for our six-mile ramble.

So, why did I arrive home more than five hours later after a 12-mile hike up and down steep hills that left me near my physical limits? And what business lessons can we learn from the simple things in life?

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Lessons from Sandy

Nov 2 2012

The impact of Hurricane Sandy can teach us valuable lessons. Not only should we be prepared to expect the unexpected but there should be a clear and integrated plan to be quickly up and running again when a problem presents itself. It seems like in the case of the transportation authorities and the utility companies, last year’s Hurricane Irene provided a valuable education in emergency response planning. The same framework model can be applied to any business and, when used, helps maximize the success rate of a company.

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