To reroute or not to reroute? That is the marketing question…

Ben Webb Blog March 2021
Mar 23 2021

At a cold Raymond James Stadium in February, 25,000 fans watched Tom Brady employ his unique talent – a mesmeric ability to find time where none exists and then find runners yet to appear in space – to steer the Buccaneers to an unexpected Superbowl victory over the Chiefs. 

Some passes were straight from the playbook; others were conjured up in milliseconds in Brady’s fizzing brain. The Gronk was usually on the end of them having run established routes or – more interestingly – discovered brand new ones. It was a wonderful display of experience, teamwork, trust, skill and risk-taking… Read more…

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The Super Bowl of Advertising: Playing to Win

superbowl commercials
Feb 9 2017

This past Sunday was the Super Bowl, one of the most highly anticipated events of the year. This is an exciting time not only for football fans, but also advertisers. With Super Bowl LI reaching a whooping 111.3 million viewers, the price tag for a 30-second commercial on Fox was $5.02 million dollars. Here are some of my favorite commercials that aired this year.

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