The Ryder Cup – a sporting and marketing phenomenon

Sep 27 2018

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The four annual golf majors are fantastic sporting occasions but the Ryder Cup, which takes place at Le Golf National in France this weekend, is bigger and better, attracting millions of golf fans, sports fans and even non-fans. The three-day event dominates the headlines – both news and sports – and sends social media into a frenzy of sharing. For a competition that was once only supported by a few die-hards, it is a remarkable renaissance. What lessons can we learn from the success of this iconic contest?

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Office Olympics: What it takes to become a workplace warrior

Office Olympics
Aug 23 2016

Over the past two weeks, I, along with millions of other people around the globe, watched as the world’s top athletes in Rio competed with intensity and vigor to bring back medals to their home countries. While it’s a far-fetched idea that I would have ever qualified in my twenties for Team USA in any sport, I can’t help but think about how the determination of these athletes can continue to inspire us all to embrace the “Olympic Spirit” in our workplaces.

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Expand your universe

expand your universe
May 19 2016

It’s time we all step outside our everyday activities and start to think more creatively. All too often, we get absorbed in the daily routine and forget about the possibilities for growth. It’s your world. If you’re content with being in one place for the rest of your life, potentially falling behind those who are more creative, then that is fine. But for those who are looking to think more creatively about their projects, here are a few suggestions.

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Marketing and Sales: Siblings in Nature

Marketing & Sales Collaboration
Mar 31 2016

Working in an agency environment, I’ve been involved in a slew of accounts that need marketing support, particularly to help drive their sales efforts. The ones that have been the most successful are those that see the need for marketing and the imperative coexistence between the Marketing and Sales teams. The reality is that these teams are essentially siblings, where it’s not always easy to get along but when they work together, they are a strong force.

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