What’s In Store for 2014?

As the holiday season winds down, it’s a good time to take a take a look at what took place in 2013 and what the New Year might have in store. I’ve taken an insiders’ poll at Paragon and here is a run-down of some of the events that impacted us most over the past 12 months.

Stock Market Indices

The end of 2013 saw the stock market close its best year since 1997 and December saw record highs, which could finally diminish the fears of those still wary about investing in stocks since the 2008 financial crisis. Although Thomson Reuters predicted an uptick in growth that will provide additional support for stocks, which are expected to grow 11% in 2014, don’t let the unpredictability of investing fool you. This bull market could see some problems as it nears its fifth birthday in March. In fact, the markets were down the first day of trading, so watch out! [click to tweet]

Arab Spring

Unrest in the Middle East could be a thing of the past in 2014, as we saw the dramatic unraveling of the “Arab Spring” and its promise of democratic change. Although tensions are still present, the ousting of several leaders of Middle Eastern countries could be paving the way for more lasting progress and positive change in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, among others.

Affordable Care Act

Undeniably everyone is quite interested to see how changes to the Affordable Care Act will improve its approval ratings in 2014. The past year has seen some remarkable changes in the way Americans receive health care benefits, raising hopes that by March 2014, the goal of enrolling 7 million uninsured people can still be reached.

US Economic Recovery

It would seem that the economy is poised for growth as we move into the New Year. The Commerce Department recorded a 4.1% increase in economic growth for the third quarter of 2013 solidifying a flurry of signs that point to a firming recovery. The Fed will begin the gradual taper of bond buying in January and already we see a gain in strength in the greenback, but our crystal ball is still hazy on how the tapering plans will impact the bond market [click to tweet].

Paragon Turned One!

In April we celebrated our first full year in the public relations arena. We also welcomed Kelly Ferraro to the team as our Executive Vice President. This year will see the addition of several other members to the team, further laying successful foundations for consistent growth.

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