The Essential Nature of Media Relations

nature of media relations
Mar 9 2016

Businesses are like living organisms. They are created, they grow and they evolve, which means their approaches to media relations must similarly develop to achieve specific goals at each stage of corporate maturity.

Take a moment to think about your own organization. Is your business still flourishing, characterized by a spirit of entrepreneurialism, flexibility and creativity? Or, has your organization reached a more mature or even stagnant stage, often characterized by a sense of bureaucracy, a controlled environment and a defined hierarchy?

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Beyond the Press Release: Survival Skills for Public Relations

press release, public relations, PR, communications, media relations
Feb 25 2016

“But what do you really do?”

The amount of times I’ve been asked this question by friends, family and new acquaintances upon hearing that I’m in Public Relations initially surprised me. Yet, my colleagues have recently confirmed my resulting suspicion: most people don’t know what PR is and how we, as PR professionals, operate.

For those seeking an insight into what makes PR machines tick, I can provide something more compelling than a list of potential PR initiatives. Here are just a few of the survival skills that agencies and individuals must command to catapult themselves from good to great.

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On or Off the Record

on or off the record
Aug 20 2015

A journalist’s job is to report the news and uncover stories that are captivating and pertinent to their beat. As a public relations professional, my job is to get clients in front of the right reporters, and, most importantly, ensure they are properly prepared for interviews. As an interview is solidified, an important question arises – what are the ground rules? Which details are on or off the record?

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Problems with the media? Preparation is key.

Apr 25 2014

Being prepared for an interview with the media not only prevents heart palpitations but it will ensure a much better outcome, not only for you but for the reporter. Take my word for it – I’ve seen great interviews and lousy ones. And I’ve been on both sides of the table.

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Food for Thought

Jul 12 2013

Whether you are in finance, fashion or food, if you have visibility with the media, your firm’s image can tarnish in a matter of seconds after a slip of the tongue or a bad market decision. Bouncing back from a PR crisis depends on the next steps your publicity team takes and how skilled they are in positioning your story. Time and again, we have seen public figures bashed in the news, with less-than-desirable headlines and pictures that drive home the story the media is out to portray. Why do some people end up on top while others crash and burn? Here are a few tips from our PR team. Read more…

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Top Five Reasons Public Relations is a Smart Choice

Jun 11 2013

New companies don’t always reserve space in their start-up budget for public relations. Instead, they leave promotion to word of mouth or worse, rely on the belief their work will speak for itself. Some would even prefer to stay under the radar, believing PR leads only to bad publicity. Let’s get straight to the point:  this is a huge mistake. As we all know, too many well-crafted businesses fail within the first year from lack of an established profile and brand. There are countless reasons that employing a public relations company is a smart choice, but I picked five to pique your interest.

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Why Reputation Matters More Than Longevity

Aug 19 2012

When I left my last job to form Paragon, technically I had been working for the same company – Thomson Corporation – for 25 years. It’s nothing to shout from the rooftops; in fact, longevity is considered by some to be a lack of ambition. I’m not totally in agreement with that sentiment but I don’t totally dismiss it either. There’s no gold watch on my wrist and nor should there be. Merely existing is no cause for celebration.

What does matter today – and always has – is reputation. Here are three reasons why:

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