A Perfect Pitch: Music to My Ears

Everyone has that one song they can’t skip. The type of track that you can play on repeat and never get sick of listening to. As a hip-hop enthusiast, I have quite a few, but each one has something timeless that keeps me invested. Pitching clients to reporters is a bit like writing a song. Think about the four components of a hip-hop song: an intro, a hook, verses, and a beat.

Here’s how the basic structure of a song can make for a perfect pitch:

Find a beat.

While lyrics are the main course of a song, a beat is what captures your attention upon first listen. Think about this from a pitching perspective. Journalists are bombarded with countless  PR pitches every day, and most either aren’t relevant or don’t make the cut. A PR pro that knows the journalist’s beat will help your name and company stand out amongst the rest. Just because one article highlights a brief component of your expertise, it doesn’t mean your company will resonate with the journalist and spark meaningful, mutually beneficial conversations. The right PR rep will know how to pitch your story that fits journalists with the right beat to match.

An intro that resonates.

Often times I skip a song within the first few seconds. I’m just not convinced it’ll be a good track and it’s meandering to the point. This is similar to how journalists view PR pitches. They want to know if an email pitch is worth their time from the first sentence. In other words, get to the point. Why are you reaching out to the reporter? Who is this about? What can they offer?

The hook that sticks.

You know when you get that one part of a song stuck in your head and you’re humming it for the rest of the day? That’s the hook of the song. How does this relate to you? You’re the hook of the pitch. When pitching a client, a PR professional should know how to give enough information but leave out the overwrought minutia of your story to leave room for the journalist’s interest. Your PR firm should position your company and its story in a soundbite as someone worth having a conversation with or meeting in-person.

Verses that are worth it.

So the journalist made it through the intro and your expertise matched their beat. Now that we’ve grabbed their attention, how do we prove you’re more than just a one-hit wonder? Consider the verses of a pitch the talking points clients can offer. If a journalist were to agree to speaking with you, what are some of the key topics and themes you can provide your insights on? Your PR professional should know how to uncover these themes and a unique perspective that you can offer around them.

So now that you know the elements of a catchy pitch, are you ready to be the Drake of your industry? Let us be your producers!

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